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27 May 2009

About eight months ago I took a sabbatical on my Blog, but it seems as if I just might have to reactivate the site because of what is happening in the local.  This BLOG is purely my opinion but I am sure that, from the facts that I present, you will be enable to come to the same conclusions as I, this is known as common sense.  Issues like the MILITARY veteran treatment, the Burke County School Board, and other local items are bringing about a new challenge.


I have given one local organization a 60 day window to take proper action to correct a very bad injustice against another local group.  I have already spoken to the Executive Director of a local organization and they now know that I have taken personal offense to their recent decision.  Hopefully certain individuals on their board will pass on the fact that I do put my money where my mouth is, they know that for personal fact.


The 27 of July is my release date although that my be brought up even sooner, depending on how I feel, but the bottom line is that it will be addressed on that date with either an apology by me or a fact stating why I think we need to send a message to those locally, and I do plan on naming the names of who I know are involved.


Is this a THREAT?  No, it is just a promise that I will do what I consider to be the right thing to do, in my own way, at my own expense.  Start talking folks; is this worth the embarrassment it will cause them?  We shall see.


Consider this, when an organization is soliciting funds, which group do you give to?  The one you have faith and confidence in what they are doing.  This confidence can be reduced by just a few simple facts, whom is getting what?  Maybe more RESIGNATIONS are needed quickly.  Some who think they know everything do not know the law when it comes to giving from one non profit to another.


23 August 2008

About a month again, still keeping busy, many things happen in the summer that just takes a bit of time.  I am sure I will be doing more as the elections get closer.  I went to visit a special friend of mine, Willie Flemon McIntosh, from the North Green Church, who was in hospital for a few days this past week.  The man needs to rest a bit; no one can go at his speed forever.


My son is enjoying his coffee shop on White Street and I hope all readers here have had a chance to go and visit with him.  This are progressing, not always fast, but still progressing in the right direction.  Other than having too much stuff to get rid of and to clean up, not much has changed.


The county fair turned out alright considering it was about a month earlier than usual.  I can't wait for Veterans Day to see what new and improved things are happening.  Keep God in your heart and think with the proper head.


26 July 2008

It has been over a month since an update so here we go.  I have been too busy to get much other stuff done.  My DAV driving will be cut back because of funding cuts, but we shall do what we are able to do.  Many vets are depending on us to get them to their appointments otherwise they do not get their medicines sent to them.   


TGIF had another successful season.  Next week is the Burke County Fair, hope to see many of you there; I will be on the booth on Wednesday evening and some on other days.  Two weeks after that we can all enjoy the Drexel Fall Fair and two weeks after that we will have the Historic Morganton Festival.   


Election is coming soon and we will be generating maybe a bit more updates as the day comes closer.  We shall see what they all say, sorry but I am not a party person for either side, I vote for the person and for the position they take on key issues.   


No one wants to get too close to me for fear of unwanted association links being tied to them or me.  Oh well, life is sweet to me and I am enjoying my retirement, how many others can say the same?  Lead your life by example, talk is cheap, actions speak much louder.


23 June 2008

These hot days are really getting to me, can't take the heat anymore like I used to.  Wish some of the rain that has been passing through would take a swipe at my place here in town as it seems to be passing us up real fast.  My yard could use a good soaking as I have dry cracks all over now.


The internet has been acting up lately, I don't know if it is everyone or just a few depending on the ISP you are working with.  Sometimes things fly through and other times they time out and need constant refreshing and patience.  That last one really hurts as I don't have much of it at all.


The past several days my grandsons were here and that took up quite a bit of time.  Went to Carrowinds (amusement park south of Charlotte in SC) and became exhausted.  Couldn't believe I paid $3.75 for a 20 Oz. plastic bottle of Coke.  Lunch cost us $72 and that was no refills.  Gasoline was a lot cheaper in SC than in NC.


13 June 2008

Oh my gosh, it�sssssssss Ffffffrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddddddaaaaaaayyyyyyyy, the 13th, part something.  Oh well, it should be another great day in Western NC, already had a bit of drizzle at lunch time to make it nice and humid for tonight's activities downtown.


My trip to Oteen this morning started before 6 this morning but I was home by ten.  The DAV van now has over one hundred thousand miles on it, turned it on Wednesday of this week.   


28 May 2008

Wow, I have been busy lately, with a lot of trips up to Oteen for our veterans.  As a service officer I also assist with veterans attempting to obtain a disability rating from the Veterans Administration.  I will say, the vets have been keeping me busy.  So busy in fact that this year I won the 2008 Volunteer of the Year Award from the VA Medical Center up at Oteen.  I receive a lot of satisfaction in helping folks who only needs a hand, not a handout.   


A great rainy day in Morganton but who cares, we need all the liquid the good heavens can send our way.  I have some azaleas freshly planted this year and growing pretty well, at least much better than last year's batch, they all dried up.   


20 April 2008

Time fly's when one is having fun is the old saying, all I can say, it has not all been fun but it has made the time fly.  Lately, things seem to be catching up and I'm finally getting caught up with a lot of old items that just didn't have as high as a priority as taxes and such. 


I wonder what will come out of the meeting scheduled to be held at 7 p.m. on this coming Tuesday at Robert L. Patton HS.  Snacks will be served after doors open at 6:30 p.m.  Be prepared to answer and defend the following opinions: What do you love about Morganton?  What about Morganton should not be messed up? What improvements would you like to see in Morganton? What is Morganton missing?


Wonder how many loud mouths will put their money where their mouths are?  How many will show up with their My way or the highway attitudes?  We shall see as I do plan on attending.  Hope this doesn't make anyone nervous, I have quite a bit invested in this town and I hope to continue to make it better for all, including my children and grandchildren.  


What I love most about Morganton is the beauty of the area and its people. What should not be messed up is the southern culture with too many immigrants, some is great, too many is a problem. What improvements would I like to see in Morganton depends on how much money are you talking about.  I would love to see a complete new infrastructure upgrade to put ALL public utilities under the ground and out of site.  I would love to see COMPAS put some locally produced and edited shows on Channel 2 as a challenge to our youth.  


5 April 2008

Wow, it has been awhile, but I have been super busy as of late.  I have had a lot of trips to Oteen, as a matter of fact, every day this coming week. Taxes and trying to handle my Aunt's estate is taking more time than it should.  I have completed a long DAV project, a booklet of our local active members.


I was terribly disappointed to have a close friend, James "Glenn" England, to pass away from a tractor accident.  I saw him only a couple weeks ago and his contagious smile was still in power and he was having a grand time at our DAV meeting.  You never know when it is your time, it comes without warning sometimes.


I am glad that we are finally getting caught back up on the rain we have been missing for so long. My twenty some azaleas plants have all died and I have to go to Wal-Mart and see if they will replace them for nothing, I still have my receipt. We shall see.


21 March 2008

Today was nothing short of a fantastic day, the sun shining, jets leaving a lot of contrails in the sky, and a very Good Friday to enjoy. So much to do, so little time available to get it done; one step at a time is all we can do.  This morning's trip up the mountain was beautiful but a bit chilly. You could still see traces of snow on distant mountains but everything else has melted.


I did send an e-mail to the state board of elections to ask why nothing has been done about those not filing final reports as required by state law, if there is any that is.I haven�t heard back from them yet but I will continue to check with the local board to see if they are filed.


My son�s coffee shop is growing every day, so fast that many of the items are gone by late afternoon, the snacks that is, but he will increase inventory as time goes on to keep up with the demand.Hope you have had the opportunity to see the wall at the coffee shop, they are very unusual and unique, a definite piece of art.

19 March 2008

It is a rainy Wednesday morning in beautiful Burke County, a little breeze every now and then and temperatures that don�t really call for a coat but maybe a light rain jacket.I was supposed to be at Oteen right now but my rider had other arrangements and it was a last minute cancel for me, thus giving me a moment to update this.


My world is very busy right now trying to do too much but meeting the challenge none the less.I have a 40th Class Reunion coming up in a couple of years that will need preliminary work done starting in a few weeks/months.Sometimes my busy work is my own fault.


I am creating a pamphlet of the DAV Chapter #43 local members who come to our Chapter meeting and I plan to give a free copy to everyone at the meeting and sell the rest.I and my mother are in the book so it is a special book for me, not to mention there is only one advertisement inside, my son�s.


I still have taxes to do on several accounts and that is killing me slowly, especially since my Aunt died and I can�t find the original will.I have a copy but that is not good enough, I must have the original.Waaaaaaaaa (That is a long whine like a baby).


I really need to redesign my website and group more of the items together in some sort of order, better than they are now.Of course I will have my BLOG on the front page to make it easy for folks to see.Need to put my son�s advertising on the site also.


The Richardson searches have died down but I haven�t been able to procure the final financial reports that are required from his side of the mayor race.Guess that tells you something about his campaign, he has a lot to hide and that is what is happening, it is a shame they don�t play by the rules.I think it is great that this web site was instrumental in bringing him down to the level where he belongs, obscure.


Why do most of our neighbors in surrounding counties allowed to wash their cars and water their lawns but we are not?Are we not at the top of the water source?Why can�t we tap it first and then send it downstream when we are done with it?


14 March 2008

It is a very cloudy day with rain on its way to our area, and today at 4PM my son is having his ribbon cutting in front of his new coffee shop.Business is slowly picking up and more and more new folks are showing up daily.Just takes time for good stuff to go around the area.


It has been a rough few days of late.On Monday I had an Oteen trip that lasted to very late as when a vet needs medicine you just need to wait until it is ready.On Wednesday I took three vets up and only two came back.One was admitted after going to see their normal appointment and the doctor sent them to the ER.


Thursday my vet had a similar situation in going to an appointment then getting sent to the ER but that vet was able to go home.Did get a couple chances to pay a visit to the sick vet I left from the previous day.


Thursday�s veteran lost their spouse the night before and you can believe that was a shock, then to go through the day and getting sent to the ER made for a rough day for the veteran.


But it was not over, that same night, with so many family members in the older home using lights everywhere, somehow, the house caught fire and the veteran is homeless and having to deal with a spouse funeral.


Always remember, god only gives what we can handle, and this is a very strong veteran, but I know the pain must be great for the loss of everything they held so dear to them.What is one to do in a situation like this other than pray?This veteran has my heartfelt prayers with them for the ordeal they have had to endure and will endure during the coming days ahead.


3 March 2008

Well my sister in law is on her way home from a nice visit with us.While she was here she painted a mural on the walls of my son�s new business, The Perfect Cup, located on White Street, across from the new city hall.I am surprised the Burke Art Council has not even cared to take a look even after a personal invite from the artist.


My youngest son is now home from school for spring break, time to relax for awhile.He is playing it day by day but who knows what he plans to do now.He has been spending time with his Aunt and his brother at the coffee shop.Little guy is growing up fast, taking on new views from school, not all bad but definitely eye opening for him.


Looks like the local race for commissioners are coming up fast, wonder who will be the best candidates?I always have a tendency of going for the new comer and not so much for the incumbent, but each individual deserves a close look.I can easily judge the incumbents on their records but the new comers will take a bit more work.


Any one out there wants to write a letter of recommendation for any of those who will be running this fall feel free to send it to me and I will put it on the web for you?


23 February 2008

It is a bit cool today but still a beautiful sunny day in Burke County.Tonight the Shiners have a special event for a special someone and I know that will go off with a bang as I have had a preview of the special attraction.I still have a lot of family in town so time is scarce.


I will get to enjoy a meal at the Schnitzel house in Hickory, very good authentic German food and breads.We will have a party of 11 for tonight, this will be getting a bit expensive, and I can see this now.What a great way to celebrate with family.


On 1 March this year, my son will open his new coffee shop, �The Perfect Cup,� which is located on White Street, two blocks from the old and new courthouse, across from the new city hall.


Tell Tom his dad sent you and see if you can talk him into a discount.If not, write me and I will send you a personal coupon good for a free small cup of coffee, all on me, but you have to write and ask for it.


3 February 2008

Hi again, slow poke here, been really busy doing a lot of driving and then a lot of naps to catch up on the early hours and long days.But I will get an award in the end; my volunteer hours are growing quickly so it will be fun to see what my totals are.That should come in the early summer at the Volunteer banquet.I really need a few good parties to go to.


My Richardson quest is not yet over, I have posted the newest report on his finances and I am still awaiting the final report.I noticed that Samuel Avery gave as well as a retired lady from South Carolina.He put the squeeze on everyone, didn�t he?Wonder if he even put any of his own money up on this?I haven�t noticed a penny in the reports.


Remember the promises he made?What ever happened to his TEEN CENTER he was promising and said he already had funding?Did the money people back out for a reason?Must not have cared too much for the kids, you dropped them real quick when you were embarrassed in the election.The money you wasted in your run would have done a lot for our local economy.


Early in the morning I am off to Oteen to take a couple of Vets to the Charles George VA Medical Center for treatment and services.I will enjoy a nice breakfast in their cafeteria while I am there.Almost always the same, biscuit and gravy, one scrambled egg and fried taters if they have them, and of course gravy all over it.Another cup of coffee and I am good for most of the day.


My trip last Friday was a very early start, 0545 and the first two riders cancelled on me, not so bad but they were over 11 miles away and it was pouring rain that morning.We made for a much shorter day up at Oteen with only one vet to wait for.These vets have no other means of getting to their medical appointments and we do not charge them for the trip so it is a good group effort.


Since I went so early I had my blood drawn for my next Tuesday appointment with my regular doctor.He and I need to talk a bit about minor things, console him on his mothers passing, and encouraging him to look forward to retirement.Hope all goes well on this appointment, at least this is not the mean finger annual checkup.


My son�s coffee shop will be opening up in about one month.His Aunt is being flown in from Phoenix to paint a mural on the large wall of his caf�.A custom job for a most excellent opening.So much family input it has to go well for him.Hope everyone will drop by and see the place, the name is already up:THE PERFECT CUP.His official opening will be March first, Saturday, don�t know the time yet, but hope y�all can come.


23 January 2008

Well, what can I say, I�ve been bad by not writing more often and I am whipping myself with a dozen spaghetti noodles directly to the brain.Yea, feel like a real noodle head right now.At least this is always something different, sometimes babbling on but other times are just plain rants.


I can�t deny that I have quite a bit on my plate right now and I am not comfortable with so many chores to do and so little time to get them done.I know, just prioritize them and go one at a time but sometimes other items change their own priority and that puts a squeeze on the rest of the schedule.Oh well, we shall just do one step at a time.


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Notice how everyone is trying to give me something or do things for me, notice none of these are pitches to help you not get this kind of junk mail, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.Do you get frustrated with some of the junk mail you receive?


Weather has been cold lately but yesterday morning it actually got warmer when I arrived at Oteen in the morning, 100 kilometers due west of here, in the mountains.The weather folks have not been accurate in quite some time.The can predict something rather obvious but not the details like they keep trying to do and losing creditability.


7 January 2008

I hope to start getting time to start BLOGGING on a more frequent basis again.I need to get over the slump of losing my Aunt and press forward.2007 was not a very good year for me personally but then again 2008 will surely be much better.


What is your opinion of Barack Hussein Obama?I have a feeling it won�t be much longer that we will be hearing much from him.I really have no interest in seeing what kind of change he has in store for the United States of America.I absolutely do not trust that man.


I am still leaning toward either Richardson or Edwards, then again they would make a great ticket on either side, and I trust them to make things better for the American Middle Class, which I hope to be in someday.Ms. Hillary just does not have the same clout as her husband did; it is not her time yet, maybe in 8 more years.


Locally, things are sure changing.There is new construction in our downtown area as well as many new and conjoining businesses moving about.Soon my son will be opening up a coffee shop in town and I hope the best for him.I�m sure there will be some who will not visit him because of my views but what can I say, I am not him, nor are his views the same as mine.


Soon he will bring in an artist from Phoenix Arizona to paint one of his large walls, and I am sure it will be very unique.Fish is the artist�s name if you want to Google her but it won�t be easy, custom orders only, usually word of mouth or �Designs by Fish�.I will post a photo when it is done.


29 December 2007

Not a bad day as far as the weather goes for the winter time, temps maybe near mid 50�s, mostly cloudy, and not many people out except at the big stores.2007 was a rough year for me; I lost a family member after many months of suffering with several disabling diseases, no fun watching the deterioration of a loved one.


Our world is still in turmoil and there are a band of radicals that want to destroy all that is our lifestyle and to take us back to the barbaric days of the rule of strength of one against another.Even then they cheat anyway they can, the radicals of the world are cowards who have no good future for them or their own.Any family member associated with these individuals has either disowned them or has dug their own grave to be with them, they are all filth and vermin.


Our soon to be new political leaders will have many problems to take on; the war is only one of many.Our economy has gone to hell with the gas prices and no relief in sight.We keep sucking down the gasoline when we need to find new alternatives, but our leadership does not say much about it.Pollution needs to be eliminated so our children�s children will have fresh air to breath.Why not a FAIRTAX on the working people of this country, why does the rich get so many of the breaks, can�t they afford it?


I still do not think this country is ready to accept a female or a black president, especially one of Muslim teachings; there are not enough independent thinkers in this country to allow this to happen.What are the alternatives?Richardson and Edwards are the only two possible candidates in my opinion.The other option is the automatic republican president if there is a female or black opponent.


23 December 2007

Don�t forget the reason for the season!God has been good to us the past couple of days with a bit of needed rain, not enough but every bit counts.There were actually a few puddles about today when the sun was shining, an indication that times are changing for the better, keep up the prayers folks.


Today my second son came home from college for Christmas and my first son came by as he will be in Wisconsin on Christmas with his wife�s family so we celebrated an abbreviated Christmas gift exchange with them.First time since my Aunt died that we have all been together.


My time today at JJ�s Movies, Munchies and More went very quickly with a mother, daughter, and three grandbabies coming through for photos.Taking kids photos is always a challenge especially when a guy in a big red suits grabs you and tosses you on his lap, some kids can fight like crazy.What a fun challenge working with them.


I snuck in my yearly Christmas shopping at Gregory�s and at Frill�s so maybe I won�t get into too much trouble this year.I spent more money than last year but a little less than some of the other years.This year it appears as if those who are working are doing pretty well and giving fair to the local charities.Unfortunately, there are still too many unemployed in our local area and not much relief in sight, at least as far as I can see in the near future.


Christmas is coming up fast and not much time to do much shopping, hope all is well in your world and you get the items you have been hoping for, as for me, my grandbabies are in house and all is well in my world, as of right now that is.Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a wonderful winter season�s greetings.


21 December 2007

Played Santa Clause today and had a very nice time, a lot of vets were remembered and their memories have been renewed.Had a trip to Oteen every day this week as well as went to shoot pictures for Santa at JJ�s Movies Munchies and More.


Family should be in tomorrow and the world will all be fine again.Christmas this year is coming on fast and so much to get done before the end of the year, wow!Met a very beautiful and charming young lady today and she was able to persuade me into buying a gift for the wife, like mother, like daughter, is all I can say about that.


Y�all have a blessed day and I will try and get in more updates to the Blog as the days go by.Time to reflect on the reason for the season, later.

14 December 2007

Wow, what a gap in time, but with so much happening in my life right now, time is not very available right now.Battling with the loss of my Aunt and trying to take care of a nightmare paper work battle as well as a dozen other projects.


Weather in beautiful Burke County has been nothing short of fantastic, the near 80 degree weather in December is not a common occurrence.Tomorrow is predicting rain and cold to return, make it seem more like Christmas, hmmmmmm.


The local water restrictions are doing nothing for the landscape in the area and management of the water levels are getting to be very questionable, and there will probably be a lawsuit brought against Duke Energy and their management of the Catawba Valley River Water flow and control.


Two standoffs in the local area, people in their 60�s, both in trailers, both in need of serious medical and psychological assistance, as well as financial aid to survive.These are the baby boomers who are coming of age, good luck people, the are a different breed of people, very independent.


Primaries are coming quick and I kind of hope Richardson takes the lead in the democratic presidential race, he is a person of high character, fully respected around the world, knowledgeable of government, and his rarest trait yet:I think he is HONEST in his dealings and has GOD in his heart.


My prediction is that if Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama take the democratic ticket, the Republican running against them will win, doesn�t even matter which one, even Jeb Bush could do it then, this country is sadly not ready for a president that is female, black, or/and especially one of Moslem belief, just won�t happen in the next twenty years, at least.Let�s wait and see how correct I will be.


I still have not heard from the city election office concerning the final financials on the mayor race.I want to see who jumped on his bandwagon, hoping that nobody would find out, but I will post the set of names I receive, just like I have on the other two filings.


Richard Trosdal opened up a State Farm insurance office on E. Union Street, across from Morganton City Hall, and I hope you visit with him if you need some insurance.He and his wife will give you what you need to be protected from life�s unexpected turns.


During the break in blogging I had many trips to Oteen, even this morning I had a trip, with some daily trips of long duration.Oteen is now being called the Charles George VA Medical Center, in honor of a Korean war causality, from Cherokee, American Indian, United States Medal of Honor winner, sacrificed himself on a hand grenade, saving many of his fellow soldiers and costing him his life.


Last Tuesday was my Vietnam Veterans of America Christmas dinner held at Ryan�s in Asheville.Tomorrow I have the DAV annual Christmas Dinner at our local chapter.This past Wednesday I enjoyed our monthly meeting at Charlotte for the Carolina�s Information Technology Professional Group, where I volunteered my time.


My son will open his coffee shop this spring, and things are already starting to flow with it, the building is coming along well, still much to do.He will have an artist flown in from Phoenix, who will work on the big wall with a mural, I believe.That will be done in January and February with a grand opening slotted for around the first of April.


Still trying to find the right tenant to occupy an upscale townhouse, with two master bedroom/baths, a third bedroom, garage, plus all appliances, not washer/dryer, fully maintained yard, no mowing required; part of an association.Not many folks in this area can afford rent in the $12-14 hundred per month ballpark.


I have been helping a friend take Santa pictures at JJ�s Movies Munchies and More, located on the bypass near the lower side of the deaf school.From 1730-1830 a Santa shows up and my friend and I pose the kinds and then try and make the kids smile for the camera.


25 November 2007

I�m back and I have had a nice time at Myrtle Beach with my kids and grandsons.We had the penthouse at the Dunes and the view on the beach was outstanding.Yesterday morning was so bright it was impossible to take a sunrise shot but I did get a few others that were breath taking.


Check out the readers comments and notice some clown trying to insult me again.These cowards always try and hide behind an alias because they have no integrity to speak up for themselves.They hide behind a curtain and try and disguise their voice and lie about who they really are; a nobody.


If the poor writer is curious about my background and record, just pay for an FBI background investigation on me and see what you find, it may just surprise you when you find that they look closer at you.I�m willing to publicly compare document for document as to achievements and recognitions.


My security clearance speaks for itself to knowledgeable and informed intellectuals, as well as my past duty locations.I take pride in my actions and history, too bad they can�t say the same for them or their family, all they bring is shame upon themselves and their family name.


Their ignorance is shown in the fact they say I am speaking filth, if the truth hurts them that bad, I don�t care.I call it like I see it, if JIMBO�s friends don�t like that then they can all PISS UP A ROPE, as I really don�t care about them, they are not my friends.This site is for my intelligent and unique friends, not my ignorant enemies.


Too bad they monkey man couldn�t identify who my �cohorts� were supposed to be that he wishes death upon.The only teen issues I seen in this town is too many inattentive parents not keep tabs on their children.Besides, I made no false promises about assisting the �teen problem� in this community, I have had all my children go through those teen years and they are never easy.


Why did he not identify where he believes I distorted any truth?I have document and posted many documents on this site that shows JIMBO�s administrations distorted truths and plain out lies for all to see but some just push their heads in the ground and act like they can�t see the truth.If this site bothers them so bad, why do they keep coming back for more?


As soon as I get my hands on the final financial reports for the Mayor race I will post them on this site and pass the word around so everyone in this community can see exactly what the truth is for themselves and not the false and misleading truth they seem to spread around this area.


17 November 2007

Today is a cool and mostly cloudy day but no rain.Thank goodness as today was the day I laid my Aunt to rest for all eternity.Her funeral was held today at noon at St. Charles Borromeo Church with Father Ken Wittington performing the rites and special friend Ann Crutchfield Castain interpreting for my mother and her hearing impaired friends.


It was an impressive ceremony and my mother is much more at peace now that she knows that her sister is in heaven with her mom and dad.Religion can be very comforting during times of grief, more than those who do not have any faith.Now to catch up with other items I have had on the back burner.


Still working toward getting the final financial records on the Jim Richardson campaign to see who snuck in at the end in an effort to purchase this election for mayor.Can not believe how much money was wasted by Van Noppen and Richardson.I imagine that Fulenwider is not too happy with the JIMBO now, realizing he made a bad selection.This is a total loss for JIMBO and his acquaintances, who will probably not want to deal with him any longer now that he has been tagged as a loser.


As soon as I procure the records, I will post them on this website and mention it in this BLOG so that everyone knows the whole story, not just what the other side is spoon feeding you with.I called all the winners in the school board race, now that worries me, as I don�t normally agree with the politics of any office.In the military I had battles with the GAO and Congressional members but I never gave up the battle, but it did teach me that I hated all politicians and my trust in them is very limited anymore.


Received an e-mail from a company who wants to promote my website but I am going to refuse as my website is for me and my friends, it is not a commercial money making venture, it is an outlet for my stress and anxiety, as well as depression.If I get upset with someone I can easily call them jerks or some other nice and nasty words if I so choose to do so.Have any comments, drop me a note and I will post it, try one time and see if I am not telling you the truth.Have a blessed day here in beautiful Burke County.


15 November 2007

What a great day it is today, chilly in the morning but the day becomes a fantastic day.We have been blessed with a bit of rain, but much more is needed, problem is, if we get what we need we will be flooded for awhile.Guess the good lord will do what is needed for us.


Sorry about the big gaps in the BLOG lately, reason for this is most of my time lately has been doing errands and going to stay with my Aunt who was in Britthaven for awhile and then Frye.She passed away on us yesterday morning and the shock is still with us.


It will take a few days to get back into the routine but before long I will start getting caught up with events and gripes in the local.My Aunt Eleanor Butkus was a special lady, never married, no children, and just her sister�s family who she treated like her kids.There are a lot of memories that my siblings and I will never forget.


For the past several years her health has been one challenge after another.Consider this, she had her pacemaker installed in 2002 and before that visit, she had not been to a hospital since prohibition.She did become a frequent flyer, she developed lung disease, her kidney�s failed and forced her to dialysis, and finally the MRSA/sepsis infection did her in, she battled all past challenges but she decided on this episode to call it quits and she refused meds and food/drink.She got her way, she is free now.


12 November 2007

Sure did warm up today to a nice toasty point but I�m sure it will cool off and chill again tonight.Today I had the honor of escorting three veterans to the Golden Corral Veterans Day meal, what an event.Two of the vets are Korean War era vets and one was a WWII veteran, and previous mayor of Glen Alpine, what an honor to dine with these great individuals.


Earlier I visited my aunt and I talked with her quite a bit and when I was ready to leave and I told her goodbye she opened her eyes and looked directly at or through me, I kissed her goodbye and her tear filled eyes were hard to face.I know it is only a matter of a few days now but the days seem to be harder and harder.


Tonight she refused all attempts to drink a spot of water, a couple drops from a straw was too much for her and she refused to open her mouth to receive anything so now it is just a matter of time.Hard to make plans with such an impending event, just can�t stop life but getting prepared is not easy either.


11 November 2007

Couldn�t miss comments on this day of all days, happy Veterans day to all our veterans both past and future, our current vets are enduring some of the hardest times of military service in our history.I fully support our troops in all areas of the world, in the artic, in the deserts, in the mountains, and in areas where no American should ever want to visit.God Bless each and every one of our veterans.


I slept until noon today; I was rather exhausted after yesterday.I assisted with the DAV in preparing a free breakfast to our local veterans, all they needed to do was come in, sign in, and help themselves to a hot breakfast of biscuits, sausage gravy, grits and eggs, as well as coffee and orange juice.These were some of Burke County�s finest people, our veterans.


After breakfast I had to get to the ceremony at the courthouse and hear our guest speaker, Dr. Giles, and to see two of our county�s finest receive recognition for their many years of service to the veterans of our county.The end of the day was spent with family, going to visit my Aunt who may be in her death bed, she is going downhill fast and not much we can do, it is hard to see her this way.


Monday still has a Veteran�s Day celebration that will be held at the Golden Corral in Hickory, a free meal to all vets, what can you say, they are saints, in their own right.This recognition has been going on for many years and because of it I will visit them more frequently through out the year.Tuesday will be another Oteen trip with a few vets to take care of business at the medical center.


I have been hearing a lot of excuses about why Jim Richardson lost his mayor race and the majority is centering around the fact that his last few weeks were his worst as he kept losing more than he had gained, many folks did not like what he had become.


He talked his way out of the race and became worse and worse, asking distant friends to vote for him, pushing out a fortune in expenses, phone messages, door knob jokes, as well as all the signs and flyers, what a waste.


Here is what you need to judge him on, look at how he abandoned the local children and the promise of a teen center, what a liar; he couldn�t make that happen even with Fulenwider�s money.A friend of mine said Richardson never put a thank you note in the News Herald and we figured out why, Fulenwider wouldn�t pay for it.


4 November 2007

It started out a bit cool this morning but it is now a fantastic day in Burke County.I�m sorry about the gaps folks but I have family in the hospital and I have been running back and forth all over the area.


School board race is going quick, and I would like for folks to consider the following items; there are a lot of folks running which indicate dissatisfaction with the current board, meaning most incumbents should be voted out and replaced by new folks with new ideas and new challenges.Buff is the only incumbent that I will be voting for on Tuesday and Rob Hairfield is my second candidate, I am still up in the air on others but I am leaning toward Ms. Sain, but again, I am undecided on that one, any suggestions?


Well I am now off to visit my Aunt who is at Frye this week, trying to recover from a massive sepsis infection.Don�t hesitate to send your comments, I will post them on the comments page for everyone to share, it is an opportunity for you.


1 November 2007

Well the weather has been unusual and the rain was nice but we just do not have quite enough yet.I am actually looking forward to a very white Christmas this year, a very heavy white Christmas.Sorry for the update delays, have been to Oteen four times this week and I have to go again early in the morning.


I have a family member who is having great difficulties with MRSA infection and we are at her side most of the available times.It got to be such an issue that my mother insisted that we advise the staff of the priest�s phone number in case she did not make it through the night.Life is always a challenge and how we deal with it is as unique to each individual as is their own personalities.


I have checked with the city to determine when the final paper work from the Mayor�s race would be available and it may be as late as mid January, to allow all accounts to be closed and have a final statement.Don�t worry; keep checking back here, I will post the last set of Richardson�s financial records when I purchase them, for all my friends to see who was working behind the others backs.The final listing will say a lot.


Our mayor race was one of the nastiest I have ever seen in this community.I have lived here since I retired in Nov of 1991, before the 20 years of service I attended WPCC and Morganton High School, class of 1970.I know this area better than most think.I moved to NC in 1963 and was raised through the transition years of prejudice, and I discovered there was no such place in the military for discrimination, rank was rank.Today marks my 16th year of retirement from the Air Force, and I would probably go back today if they would let me.


26 October 2007

Another wonderful rainy day in Burke, but the rain is not quite hard enough at this time but we can always hope for a long stretch of it.Then again, it may take a couple days off to rest and then come back again as gentle as it has this time.The ground is getting a good soaking so I guess that means one more grass cutting before the end of the year.


Yesterday my mother went to the local DAV meeting to receive her award from the past raffle ticket sales, the award was $300 in gasoline, of which she donated to the Chapter 43 Transportation Program to take local vets without transportation to their medical appointments.While she was there she signed up for membership in the DAV auxiliary group, and I think she had a wonderful time.


I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, hope it�s not another train coming, but I may start getting the stack on my desk filtered down to something reasonable.I still have not received any inputs to this site, from either the upcoming School Board group or from the primaries that will be here soon.Send me what you want to see on the web and you know me, I will post it.Freedom of speech does not have to cost us a fortune.


Who will be Patrick McHenry�s opposition?Steve Ivester has declared his intention to run for office and I met him at the Burke County Fairgrounds, nice guy, a veteran, and someone who might take McHenry to the limit.I am still looking for inputs folks.


21 October 2007

I believe this was a blessed day, the sun shining and a light breeze, warming up through the day, made for a pleasant evening.There have been quite a few events happening in the local area, for whatever reason, I have been missing most of them.


I went to a receiving at Heritage Funeral Home in Valdese this evening and brought a <![if !vml]><![endif]>few pictures I printed up today.I was happy to see the photo they used in the paper and the one they printed on the announcement was one that I had taken and given to them, how proud that made me feel.


I also printed a photo taken six days before his passing, a smiling man without a care in the world.You will be missed Melvin Hildebran, your wife Nell had to endure two hours of constant visitors to your family, paying their respects to someone they cared about.The last visitors came through at eight, thirty minutes more than they expected.I am expecting a large church group tomorrow at Philadelphia Baptist Church.


Today�s paper talked about health care around the world, and what is left out is the information about the third world countries, where many go to hospitals to have a nice place to die, never to improve.Goodhealth care costs money any way you want to look at it, where is the money going to come from?


Controlled health costs?Never happen.We should have started universal health care for our youth as they are our future, and if we do not show them by example now, what will they learn from us?Now I am not wild about paying for illegal�s health care, we need to deport any illegal family who needs this assistance.


America is number one in the world and we need to start acting like it and taking care of our young and our very old.I would like to see free health care for groups, 0-18 and the 55+ group, with completely paid premium health insurance coverage, and no limitations for health care.


Others who are in the working age bracket should provide for their own insurance through their employers, no exceptions, just like a tax, it needs to be there for everyone.Mandatory health insurance for all, free to selected groups.


What do you think about this?We are a great country and the rich need to share the wealth with the needy in more ways than they are doing today.Do you think the high dollar donors of the past election will put that much money into local charities?


The School Board election is coming soon and I have not heard much from anyone with regards to how to vote.Does anyone want to vent an opinion and see it on the web?As I have said before, I totally support Rob Hairfield on his run for School Board, he has worked very hard and he knows what questions need to be asked and which issues must be addressed in public.


20 October 2007

It was a beautiful day to wake up to, a breeze and cool weather is a great sign of fall but we still need the rain.The clouds were flying by at a fast rate but evaporating at an even faster pace, just not dropping any liquid stuff for us.Hopefully we will have rain in the next couple of weeks.


Tomorrow evening is receiving for my friends� family.Monday is the funeral and services and that will take up a good part of my schedule.I hope I can do the family justice with my presence and respects.I am very glad the widow has so much family surrounding her right now as this is her time of need and comfort.


I haven�t heard much about the Overmountain Jamboree that we had a couple of weeks ago.I took a bunch of pictures and have been building a power point presentation of them for the company I was shooting for, hopefully they will get around and next year there will be much more advertising and even more people.I was hoping to hear some feedback on the pictures I have already posted here, or have you seen them?


19 October 2007

Another blessed day in Burke County and when I woke up this morning to a cloudy day, and was then blessed with a spot of rain, not much more, but at least something.Hope we get a lot more of the stuff as we do so need it.Prayers go out for relief from the drought and the hard job situation we are looking at.


It has happened; my friend that I talked about has passed away at 11 this morning.His name, Melvin Hildebran, previous DAV Chapter #43 Commander, for 2005-2006, and previous Sr. and Jr. Vice.This past Saturday he went with me and a couple others to a DAV district meeting in Statesville and we had a real good time with good chicken and BBQ.I and three others visited him in the hospital on Wednesday, we will all miss him, and he was a great commander and an even better father to his many children.


17 October 2007

Looks like another beautiful and dry day in Burke County.We need to find the Indians who knew the original rain dance, or maybe the gypsy who knew the magic spell to make rain come quick.Too bad there is not a weather service we can use where we order what we want when we want it, wouldn�t that be grand, bet every Monday will be bad weather days.


This morning I was up at 5 and on the road at 6 on my way to Oteen to assist with a breakfast presentation to the long term folks, it was just like a restaurant visit for them, in they come, one young lady takes their egg order, and then me and my fellow vet go to get the coffee and other items they may desire.


Biscuits and of course the sausage gravy to putall over them, toast on white or wheat, jams, jelly�s, apple butter, hot grits, assorted cereals, oatmeal of assorted flavors, coffee, milk, orange or apple juice and fruit galore.Forgot about the sausage patties and crispy bacon, and the eggs were made to order, even loaded omelets were available.


The veterans were overwhelmed by the selections and service they received while coming to the DAV Chapter 43 Hosted Breakfast at Oteen ECRC.That means Extended Care and Rehabilitative Care.Some call it a nursing home; others prefer to call it the government term to confuse others.


After all the vets were fed, we then went on and fed the staff while the food held out.With the final leftovers, we went up to the Oncology Clinic and left the food with them, not a bunch, but something to settle the stomach.


Here comes the depressing part of the day, we were done at Oteen shortly after ten and decided to visit our past Chapter Commander who was at Mission Memorial Hospital Heart Ward, in the ICU section.Turns out that his heart was just the beginning of many other major shutdowns in his body and it now appears he only has a couple days to go.His family has been called in and it is quite a large family.


You should have seen the smile on his face when four of his DAV friends come walking into his room.He was so glad to see us and it gave us all a chance to say our best wishes and our good byes for now and we will see you on the other side.Our Chaplin said a short and touching prayer and we all left with heavy hearts and shaky voices.


Melvin�s family is in this writers� prayers as the next several days unfold for them.Guess I need to get my suit to the cleaners and be ready for what should be to come.The hard times, heavy hearts, and the passing of a generational icon in the tight knit family.It is always hard to tell a friend goodbye, even when you have the time to do so.Gets a bit harder when it�s family.


16 October 2007

Another wonderful day in Burke, a cloudy day for most of the day but it ended with a fantastic sunset, as usual.I�m not sure why we deserve this dry weather but I�m sure it is hitting us for a reason, maybe some things need to dry up and wilt away, who knows.I just hope it will not be much longer as most of the wildlife will be affected by this reduction in available water.


This drought will affect our ecosystem for quite some time to come, many critters cannot stand this long of a duration without water.Lake James is now over nine feet below average and no end in sight.Funny how the lakes down around Charlotte are still high but ours is so low.Think our little trickle can even generate 10 million gallons of water for some other town�s growth?Guess our survival does not mean so much to them.


Saturday the DAV had their district meeting at Statesville and it was attended by me and three others. One of the three is now in the hospital in Asheville, trying to recover from some heart troubles.Prayers go out to him and his family, especially his wife, who everyone can imagine, would be at a loss without her mate.We are never guaranteed a time line but we sure do have an effect as we go on, and it is the others who realize it.


Tomorrow morning, very early, the DAV van is back on the road up to Oteen to help even more vets, with a breakfast for the long term care residents.These are the folks who normally do not come home once admitted, but they have the best of care and the most amount of visitors, even if the visitors are not all family, we are a vet family there.


14 October 2007

Another fantastic day in Burke County, very chilly in the morning but warming up throughout the day to a pleasant temperature; a nice fall day.It was a great sleep in day and it has given me time to get caught up on some things, and time for a family visit at the rest home.The four of us then went to a quick meal at the coffee shop and then called it a day.


Water restrictions have put a toll on all the plant life in this town.Most all of my new azaleas that were planted this spring are now dead, dried up to a cinder it seems.Twenty four plants were not cheap; hope the warranty will cover this.Hope there are no major fires in the mountains this year as we don�t have much water to battle it.


What is going to happen when Duke cannot send enough water down the river way?What happens when Lake James is so low it can not flow anymore?Seems like the lakes around the Charlotte area are more important to Duke Power than the lakes in the mountains.What is going to become of us if we have no more rain this season?


The numbers of hurricanes predicted were not too bad but they were all very small ones which did not target the USA mainland.This is the driest I can remember this area being ever in my lifetime.Will the winter be bitter cold and windy or will we actually be blessed with a lot of snow?I vote for the snow and plenty of it, we need the moisture.



11 October 2007

Folks, it is another great day in Burke County, a bit cooler than most days, but very few clouds and a slight breeze.The late evening cooled this area down quite a bit and I have a feeling we will be having more fall days than the extended Indian summer I think we have been experiencing.


Took a vet to Oteen again today and I have another run tomorrow.Some trips come up at the last minute and not many other alternatives, I am so happy our community has the resources and volunteers to take care of our local veterans.Today�s rider turned out to be a classmate of mine who is a Vietnam Era vet who has had problems ever since the military.


Next big race locally will be for School Board members, and I am wondering what the feel of the community for the selected candidates.Does anyone want to make an endorsement for any candidate?


I will tell you right now, I want Rob Hairfield to be on the School Board because he has done his homework and he want to try and make our system the best in the State.With that kind of motivation we can not lose unless we overlook him again because of dirt of the past.Let�s see if this race gets dirty like the past Morganton city election.It did not use to be like this and it is not impressive to see this kind of dirt.


One thing everyone needs to remember, I was not a Mel Cohen supporter, telling everyone to go out and vote for Mel, but I was the very active person trying to say to everyone NOT to vote for Richardson.This was a thing between Mr. Richardson and me and it did not involve Mr. Cohen, contrary to many others low opinions.


10 October 2007

Well one big battle done, another yet to come, guess who is jumping all over my website without an invitation?�� I wonder if he is trying to recoup his losses, what do you think?Is this going to be the source of the next letter from a corporate attorney who lives and works in Winston Salem?This entire website might just be a work in progress toward a novel of mine and I certainly do not want FULENWIDER ENTERPRISES to steal my stuff, would you?I WONDER IF I SHOULD REPORT THEM?Naaaaaa, I just locked him out of my website, can�t come at me from his business spot any longer.

<![if !vml]><![endif]>

I am truly sorry that Mr. Richardson�s health went down at the end of the race as I have NEVER wished ill health on the man.He did put up one hell of a fight but the people spoke up and the decision has been made.Now we shall see how big of a person these individuals really are.


Campaign promises were made and now we shall see if those promises are kept or were they just a bunch of false promises.Let�s see if we get a new teen center in our community in the near future and see how active Mr. Richardson is in bringing it to maturity, or was it just a false promise?


Now is the time to see if the individuals will work with city government to make things happen in the future, we shall see if Mr. Richardson steps up as a �diplomat� for the other side of this past race, and bring the people back together after such a dirty race.


I wish him improved health and a speedy recovery; he has much to do in the next several months.I am glad this is over, the election took its toll on me also.Look at the comments and you will see that there are many that do not like me and never will, so be it, they are not friends, and my friends know what kind of person I really am.


9 October 2007

Today is the day, I have heard from a friend that Mr. Richardson is sitting alone under his tent at the Recreation Center and Mel is at the other with a crowd of people around him and most everyone coming by stopping and talking to him, NOT Richardson.Seems like most do not want to get side by side with him throughout the event, they know they have problems and they are already jumping ship.


I will say this much, Richardson did get more people out to vote, mainly against him, but the numbers will be much higher than any recent campaigns.Richardson has brought out the supporters of Mel who did not vote before as they knew Mel would take them as easily as he has.They saw how much money was being pumped into this race and they knew they would lose the unique characteristic that makes Morganton what it is, envied by all.


The Richardson supporters are calling my website �filth� and filled with �hate� and that is fine as they are entitled to their opinions, my facts have been posted if the complainers wanted to dig deep enough, the facts and documentation is there.But no, they immediately get emotional and want to defend their rich social acquaintance.I worked at the school for six years, I know him better than many of them, and I knew him on a professional level.Maybe I did barge into his private office at WPCC in an Ape costume on Halloween and give him a piece of candy, which is why he didn�t recognize me I guess.


Everyone else who reads this and digs deep find out for themselves what has happened and many of them have seen it before.Most folks do not have the resources to get this information out to the public where it needs to be seen, but I did and that is why this site exists today, it is my way of expressing myself to my friends, and if some unwelcome visitors come by complaining, I will post their notes, record their phone calls, and post it all here, look at the comments.


Mel has done nothing short of give most of his life to the progression seen in Morganton and he does not deserve to have such a dirty campaign waged against him.You have seen in the comments the racist comments made by Richardson�s friends and supporters.You have seen negative advertising attacking what Mel has done for us.


They attack the city attorney, why?Bet you they want to replace Settlemeyer with someone who they control and who will be paid even more as if Richardson is in charge there will probably be several lawsuit against the city within six months because of his style of management.We don�t need his style of leadership, it is worthless in my opinion and this is based on a 20 year career in the military with most of the time in leadership positions at headquarters level.


I am going to jump the gun and say congratulation to Melvin Cohen now, as I know I can trust the people of Morganton to see through the expensive barrage of bullshit that has been thrust at us; the true citizens of Morganton.


Here is one big question, how many folks have actually had a one to one conversation with Richardson?Not hear a debate read from a script book, not hear a radio spot that was read poorly, and not hear a recorded phone call of Richardson reading another script, I�m asking how many have had a direct conversation with him?Ever had three?Ever talk to Mel?Enough said.Richardson spent a fortune, lined some pockets, and disgraced himself, and to be honest, I hope this site was the primary cause of his defeat, it will make me feel much better.Need to visit the voting location and see what has been happening and take a few photos for this site.TT4N


I walked up to the Recreation Center and low and behold I am intercepted by an individual who tried to stick a Richardson sicker on me, even with my BurkeTruth.com shirt on.Funny that Jim Richardson stopped his conversation with whom he was speaking with to tell his helper that I was David Tubergen, guess he knows me now!


You will notice I have cleaned up the site considerably but the stuff is still there for as long as I can keep it there, several years at least.If you want to see it go here.


8 October 2007

Another wonderful day in God�s Country, Western North Carolina, it can not be compared equally to any other spot in this big world of ours, I have been around it, and have never seen anything quite like the greatness we overlook in this area.


One more day until Jim A. Richardson is embarrassed in a public election and gets trounced with a 4-1 odds against him.The lies he has been telling about Morganton and it�s leaders is nothing short of filth in my book.Then again, if Richardson is so well liked, why doesn�t his number one money man even put one sign in his own yard?


Charles Michael Fulenwider has the home on the corner of West Union Street and Burkemont Avenue, right next door to the Baptist Church.It is a beautiful landscaped yard with plenty of advertising room to support Richardson, but he hasn�t done it.He could have even put in a very large sign and caught at least a third of the residents of this town but he didn�t want to stoop to Richardson�s level, he does have his limits.


I sure do hope all of these conspirators know that I will have their names floating through the internet for years to come.These stories and facts will follow them through the next several years of their lives.I may move them around on my website but I will not remove them just yet in case someone else needs to check on these individuals characters and they can find MY truth on this site.Look at the stats, they show you what folks are searching for and the fact they hit my sight trying to look for things.


Next time you want to push a candidate through this community and you hope I don�t take action, just ask me in advance and I will tell you if I will support or fight the individual you present.I don�t hide things as you can see for yourself on this site.I don�t need to hide as there is not any gain in deceiving folks.I try to be the best person I can, I do God�s bidding as I see it, and I do my utmost to keep my word and to be honest with people.This is a lot more than I get back from most folks.


The stats I just seen shows over 365 unique visitors coming to see the truth, and I will assure you, maybe not all, but many of these visitors are Morganton voters who will see what kind of people we are really dealing with.This is a list of phrases that my web site has responded to, it shows what folks are typing in and finding my website, good to see when someone is looking for information on JIMBO it hits my site.


I got HATE phone calls and HATE mail sent to me, I have posted all the mail, I have nothing to hide, these misinformed and uneducated individuals have the right to their opinions, no matter how foolish I really believe they are, they are entitled to their word, and I posted them, unedited.Really good friends you have there JIMBO, you can keep them, they are no friends of mine.


Here is another fact sheet with the truth about Melvin Cohen and it shows how some in our community will try and deceive you with half truths and plain out lies, check this out.


Here is a very special treat for MY FRIENDS only, if you go to the main page, click on the four question marks in the second row, fourth column, and enjoy.Please be patient as these are very high quality shots and each one is one to two megs in size.If you have any questions about the shots, let me know with a quick e-mail and I will do my best to explain what it is I saw.Again, enjoy friends, these are some special shots.


Tomorrow is election day, please get all your friends out to vote for Mel Cohen as there is no other suitable candidate, Jim A. Richardson will destroy Morganton as we know it.We have been unique way before Cohen was made Mayor and now is not the time to change.Richardson wants to sell our electric company when so many who have lived here a long time know that it is the best service around, bar none.


If Richardson is elected, our Cable system will be given away for peanuts, which will show a big profit, and cost the cable citizens of Morganton about twice what they pay for now, and there will be no way to ever turn this around.The people who make the Historic Morganton Festival work so well will not work for Richardson and no matter what you do; the festival will never be the same.


Anyone who enjoys CoMMA will not be happy as that is one area JIMBO has said he will cut up into pieces, maybe turn the building into the new teen center he has promised so well, lets see what happens when he does not win, he will drop the project as he really does not care about the kids at all, he demonstrated this at WPCC with his absence.


7 October 2007

What a day it has been, so much to catch up on, and such a nice warm day to enjoy it.For the past couple of days I have been enjoying the entertainment at the First Annual Overmountain Jamboree and I�m just starting to catch up.Trying to return phone calls and get many of the needed actions done can take a lot out of a person.


Again I will be able to finish finally with the Richardson attempt to take control of this town and run it into the ground like he did at WPCC.How many donated houses did he sell for a loss to his associates?I could not believe some of the names I seen on the foundation list, it shocked me they could be involved in something like this.Shame on them, their judgment day will come, and I will be smiling from the sidelines.


I just found a marvelous website called www.guidestar.org and it has a lot of interesting information about the Western Piedmont Foundation and how this group has managed their funding leaves a lot of unanswered questions.Why were expenses higher than the scholarships they were designed to give?Big parties cost a lot of money and travel to foreign countries not cheap either, is it?


Several new comments; one who is trying to act like they know something but they show their fear to speak up using their own name, and they even hide their phone identification.No big deal, I played awhile, but most of dribble does not even deserve comments.Others that speak for themselves, they can read, many others jump at emotions.Funny thing is, JIMBO is passing my site address to others hoping for sympathy, when in reality, if they read deep, they find the truth about the Richardson gang.


Who will Richardson delegate the running of the town to?VanNoppen or Fullenwider, or maybe even the eye doctor, Gresham Orrison?Think any of these people have much to do to take over from Richardson?They bought and paid for him.Look at both (1st and 2nd) financial reports and see for yourself who is pumping out the dough.


Consider these Richardson supporter statements:Mel Cohen only associates with pedifiles and low-lifes; ie Yianni, the Norvilles, and the Peelers. All of his friends have had sex offenses against them. Mel Cohen is a low life jew trying to get ahead. He NEEDS t ogo/ And another one here:Mel's a Jew? I thought he was an albino African.

Then the real background story comes out:I agree 100%!If there was ever a place that needs term limits,its Morganton.They mave wasted millions uptown and all they have achieved is to create a mecca for illegal immigrants.I have already voted for Jim Richardson,and strongly urge everyone to do so.We can't take 4 more years of this crook.


Richardson has the audacity to accuse me of having filth, vulgar language, and hate all over my website.The statements in the previous paragraph are his close friends.These are the racist we are dealing with in our community, the rich ones and the wanna be associated with the rich ones, who think their shit don�t stink.I have worked with much more honorable people with much less and much more educated than old Mr. Richardson, I have absolutely no respect for that man and I never will.


How about this comment sent in to another BLOG:Does anyone remember Morganton before Mel was mayor???There's always room to criticize, but bottom line - Morganton is a beautiful place to live and work.I don't live downtown, but I certainly enjoy the new theater, restaurants, shops and activities the city provides.Mel has been largely responsible for the downtown revival - which has brought revenue to the city.Mel Cohen has worked to make Morganton a safe, clean city with wholesome family activities available to everyone.He deserves better than these bitter attacks against his character.


That is the bottom line tonight folks, Melvin Cohen does deserve better than these attacks, which were started by the opposition from the very beginning, when VanNoppen bought Cohen for Mayor net site so the Mayor could not.That was the beginning of the plotting from many people who really do not care about Morganton but what they can get out of it.


Look at the facts; want to see the financials of the foundation?Go to the website www.guidestar.org and sign up for the information and you will see for yourself what a poor state of affairs the foundation was in when Richardson left, he drained the books to a very low point.


You always hear about the United Way saying they have the lowest overhead for charitable organizations and how others charge so much that only a small percentage is given to the intended recipients, well the same can be said for Richardson, he will drain the city resources and then move on out of town.

6 October 2007

We have another warm SUMMER day to deal with today, the heat is hard because the humidity is very high.Maybe this afternoon the FALL will come visit and cool things down a bit for the concerts and fair this evening.The music has already been playing out at Freedom Park and the day will be fantastic for those who attend this Star-Studded Entertainment we have right here in Morganton.What an opportunity to see the big folks in entertainment and why they are so good.


As yesterday evening grew on the entertainers were better and better, all were great but you could see slight differences in approach to the crowd and some entertainers could play the crowd like a harp, they had them in the palm of their hands.Not to mention a few towels and a bunch of guitar picks went to the screaming crowd just inches away from them.JMM even sang Happy Birthday to one in the crowd; you could see why he is so good.Bless that man for coming to Burke to help our kids.


I need to edit the Richardson film, it is too large for most, but I will work on that soon.Believe me when I say, the fly is very funny, not to mention the obvious reading of a script, he needs to go take a speech class at WPCC.As an instructor I would have given him a �C� for his efforts in the debate.


If you read this today, please go to the Burke County Fair and/or go to Freedom Park and attend the Overmountain Music Jamboree that is going to be very special tonight, we will have Diamond Rio right here in Morganton.Come on out and enjoy folks, it is all in support of Burke County and our kids.


5 October 2007

Another fantastic day in Burke County, a bit of rain in the morning and on and off sun in the afternoon.The Overmountain Jamboree is going hot and heavy at Freedom Park, next to Freedom High School.Folks are already there and it is only 5 in the afternoon.


I will be rather busy the next couple of days but I will have more on JIMBO later.I will post a video of Richardson with a fly on his head and trying to read a speech to the public and doing a poor job at it.As for now, look at the comments, another person is worried about my out of control opinions, they don�t agree with hers.


Jim A. Richardson remained at the college for 25 years because a handful controlled the foundation and the board, any more questions Nancy?I worked there back in 1997 and Richardson was hated by most of the staff then, and he and many others in leadership positions were not liked for the whole six years I was there, I have first hand experience, do you?


4 October 2007

What a wonderful day, rain is coming down very lightly but every drop is appreciated.We are truly blessed when the rain comes after the fair closes and leaves before we have to take on the evening.I worked the fair yesterday, manning my booth, selling raffle tickets for the DAV.


When you go by the DAV booth, tell the guys that Dave said HI, and purchase a raffle ticket for a chance at $300 in gasoline, something everyone needs today.It looks like the Jimbo has turned it up a notch, sending in the in-laws to do his dirty work at the fair.He has sent his wife and family to work the fair, why can�t he do his own work?


By the way, quite a few folks noticed my �ask me about BurkeTruth.com shirt� and if I could be selling those, I think they would go a lot further than other items.There are a lot of people out there that do not like Richardson, no matter how many lies he tells.Guess I need to get the word out more; even my dentist yesterday morning said hi mother was the one who told him to go to BurkeTruth and read about Richardson.


Need to drive up to Oteen now, may post more when I return; I want to get the updated numbers of donations the JIMBO has squeezed out.This election turned dirty the moment Richardson joined the race, he is nothing but filth and needs to be removed from this great community that Mel built.If Richardson does not like it here, tell him to leave!


Spent all day up at Oteen and did not get back until late, I did enjoy the rain this evening, when I dropped by the fair it had quite a few people there enjoying themselves in the drizzle.I left when the rain got a bit harder and it dumped on us for a short time, thank god, we need this.


I heard a rumor that there may be an official tax exempt organization in this town that is getting involved in our local politics and I really hope this is not true.There are limits in politics but when you get a tax exempt organization involved in the politics; you lose your tax exempt status, don�t you?


Surely no one respectable person would ever ask their club members to do something so unethical such as make a phone call, lets just say to maybe 75 unknown people, and tell them to vote for a particular candidate.That would not be very professional of the organization nor would it be accepted in the community if it is discovered something like this occurs.It would definitely be worth reporting to the international headquarters, like maybe any day now?Then again, anyone who deals with Jim A. Richardson gets dirty eventually, just look around him, it shows.


You can see the newest list of dirty people here, the money bucket two.Someone needs to tell these people about this website, they need to learn they are backing an educated pig.I wonder if Richardson knows who I am now?Can you hear me now?Guess he wishes he never had me working at the college for over six years, since I am such a discipline problem at the place, but he was trying to give me a break.And thankless me still thinks the man is an asshole and he has flies around him a lot.


3 October 2007

Another beautiful day with dark clouds on the hills but not near town.I�m sure the County Fair folks do not mind not having rain until early Sunday morning.When ever the good Lord wants to give us rain, we will all appreciate it around her, the drought is going to cost us in tourism dollars on several fronts.I have heard mixed reports on the leaves of fall in the mountains, some say not much and others say they will be outstanding.


My drive yesterday had more small trees turning pure dark red, but hardly any orange and not much yellow.Many are green or a very pale green but they are not normal as opposed to previous years of going up the mountain.On the hill the trees are looking pretty good and they may have some great color.


Less than a week until the election comes to a close.I hope this site reaches the people of Morganton as they need to know what kind of man I have found out Jim A. Richardson to be.If he comes in, our town will never again be the envy of any community in this state.The town will dry up and investments will collapse.


Richardson had the fireworks removed from the WPCC location where it was always a great location for the most people and he hid behind everyone else when the blame was laid out.He will be responsible for the ending of the Historic Morganton Festival and probably CoMMA, as most every one knows it today.


Anyone who goes way back into the BLOG history will find out this site was created because of what kind of monkey business was going on at the college and it was bothering me.Creating this site relieved my stress, caused by the injustice received because of lies from the college to a federal agency.


I served my country for over twenty years, I am medically retired now, I have had some very high level assignments during my military career, much higher than a Mayor position, and I have never seen a group perform actions of mismanagement as I have from the WPCC Leadership.They steal credit from the staff and claim it is a different type of delegate management style, bullshit.


Oh yea, Elsie Childers claimed she didn�t have a dog in this fight and I think she is the BITCH in this fight, she had an opportunity to fix the problems at WPCC and share the information with everyone on the board instead she went into the back room and made some personal deals with the leadership, in my book, this lady is a female dog.


Richardson has the audacity to say he is �invested in this community� and he does not even own the property under his barn.He has never had a business in town, at least not to my knowledge, the college property does not count, and it is not out of his fat pockets.Funny how he has not put in a penny of his own money into his campaign effort, guess he considers this as waste.


He is bragging that he has already made funding arrangements for a teen center.Is he going to pull the funding if he is not elected?Is this the package that we must accept?If he really had things lined up then what is keeping him from starting the ball rolling, holding it over our heads is not a very good quality of a leader.I wonder if he will get the funding from our investment in the Electric Company our city owns and he wants to give away.Maybe he plans to convert CoMMA into the new teen center and use that funding to do his miracle.


Does Richardson think that our country is not in debt?Why wouldn�t a city be in debt?He put Burke County deep in debt on funding issues at WPCCs for the past several years he was there, why does he not mention anything about this debt that he is responsible for creating on all of our backs?��� How much of the bragged $30 million in raised funds are actually the debt he put our local neighbors into, commitments for utilities on buildings not well thought out?


2 October 2007

Yesterday was a very good day of rest, this morning I was off driving back up the hill to Oteen with two other veterans.The drive up was cool, and clouds were all over the place, but no rain anywhere.When I got over the mountain, there was hardly a cloud in the sky on top, it was clear all over and still a bit cool.Warmed up a bit through the day but not a lot, still wishing for rain.


One more week of listening to the lies of Jim A. Richardson, snake of Morganton.Hopefully he will move to another location shortly after he is embarrassed in this next election.I am sure that my family has a lot more invested in this town than the plain Mr. Richardson does.For 25 years all he did was ruin the reputation of WPCC in the State�s eyes, and covered up the eyes of all in Burke County with false accomplishments, taking all the credit from his subordinates for absolutely not much effort.


I will wait a couple of more years before going and changing the name of the eastern campus to something other than a fool�s name.He thinks his long leaf pine needle is a great accomplishment, well it is not, everyone who retires from a state position of that level is given the same award, no big deal.This is not very much of an accomplishment for a twenty five year career.Even I got a personal letter of appreciation from the president of the United States for a twenty year career, is that not a bit higher than a CC prez?


Hope some of you have seen the Do NOT vote for Richardson signs in the business windows of business on White Street and also on East Union Street.Wonder if there are many more around town which I have not seen.Most of Richardson�s signs are in the right of way areas, meaning, not too many local town folks are willing to put them in their yards.


Tell you right now, my neighbor across the street put a Richardson sign in his yard and because of it I decided NOT to make a major purchase from his employer, the Music Shop in town.Yes, because of Richardson, I refused to even entertain a visit to the store.


I spent my money�s elsewhere.Last Christmas I purchased over a $350 Amp from the same store and I was going to follow this up with more equipment this year but not from that location.Anyone who associates with Richardson shall wear the smell and stain of his friendship, and I will not have any business dealings with them.


If the people of Morganton elect Richardson, I will be his biggest thorn, until his defeat in the next election, unless he is recalled by the people sooner.I will even consider divesting my properties in the city if he gets in any office.I wonder if I should start looking into other options to give him a hard time in office.


30 September 2007New Website Record daily -- check stats above.

Another cool and beautiful day in Burke County, God�s country, in western North Carolina.I must say, my first amendment rights as defended by all, is freedom to speak truth without fear of repercussions.I shall enjoy this freedom as long as I am able.This website is an example of the first amendment rights to pass on what I consider as truth necessary for my friends and community.


There are many of those who would love to cap my rights, and if they had a chance, they would probably jump at it as I believe I am currently Jim Richardson�s worst nightmare.He wants to play victim to my pen attacks, so be it, and there are quite a few out there that do know the truth, even if they are not free to speak it.If any employee of WPCC was to speak up against Richardson, think they would have much of a future at the college or in this community?


I was an instructor for six years at the college, on occasion, taught more classes than any full time instructor, and received awards as a student prior to teaching.If I was such a problem, why was I there for over five years?Jim Richardson�s style of leadership in my opinion is nothing but saying what you want to hear then get someone else who will eliminate you for starting an inquiry.No he will not fire you; he will delegate that duty to someone else, they will do it for him.


He will not clean house himself, he will delegate that authority to blame them when something backfires.Talk to those at WPCC and especially those who have retired, the job security is in direct correlation to being passive to their demands.Consider this, how many will plain out quit rather than work for the kind of person he really is?This is his primary area of trimming the budget along with CoMMA.


We are not blind to the statement of who gets credit if Richardson�s fingers are in it; he claims all the credits and rarely mentions any others.He is quick to say 20 years in office is too long but when he touts his 25 yeas at the college, what is he really trying to say, they should have gotten rid of him five years earlier?


Then again he is never around, he wants to get out in the community and beyond, yea, so far beyond us being able to reach him when decisions are needed, we shouldn�t have to send city employees to the smelly and fly infested barn to get him.He does not belong in city government and I for one believe I will never receive justice from this individual.Hence, he is not for ALL the people of Morganton, only himself and his personal friends.


29 September 2007New Website Record daily -- check stats above.

This was a very cool morning, went to an auction for real estate off Conley Road, did not sell as the right buyers were not there and it was not going to be given away, understandably so.Fall is definitely coming with a vengeance as the summer has been a very dry time; fall will be more of the same but with much more wind.We shall see.


This afternoon I helped my fellow vets in setting up our booth for the Burke County Fair, scheduled for next week, hope everyone has a chance to come out and support the various charities with donations or purchases and visit with the many diversified groups in our community as well as the viewing of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and so much more.


It has been a very busy couple of days, so many errands to do, so many chores to catch up on.Still a couple of weeks until Richardson is defeated and then he will go back into the background where he belongs.He wants to destroy the heart of Morganton.He wants to remove what makes Morganton unique.


Weather he wants to admit it or not, the Historic Morganton Festival organization that has been working hard for over twenty years, will disband and Richardson will never find the appropriate and skilled manpower to take over.In addition, the other people in the city government will leave because of the treatment they have witnessed from Mr. Richardson against current city employees.


He will give our electric company away and we will never be able to get it back.He uses wacky math to scare people.$121,625,925 owed to the �BANK� where we have deposits exceeding this amount, meaning, we are borrowing our own and not going in debt to someone else.As Duke grows, so does our value in it, but not when you give it away to a friend of yours to make all the money themselves, and leave our city in debt.


While he is at it, he will give away our cable company.His wacky math of $1,395,521 transferred from our own BANK to invest in a unit that has over a $17Million dollar value is not bad.If the cable company was owed by another one of his friends, what do you think they would charge the city for all the video production needed by the city?


My guess is we would pay about a million or so a year, and for much less than that we got the same value for ten plus years, consider what we paid for it.The payback for the city owned system is incalculable in displaying city government to the people, especially those who are not as mobile as other.The city would not have this freedom if he gives away our cable system.We watch debates, parades, and many other special occasions that we would not be able to afford if the system is given away.


His form of tax cut will probably include a large percentage of current staff as well as many services we are now taking for granted for.Richardson is hardly invested in this community, that I believe I can safely say my family has more in this city than his does.Here is what I believe is a firm FACT:He has so little here that he was ready to leave just this past spring, to go to Colorado.Is this not FACT?


I am surprised he will destroy CoMMA and the culture it brings to this city as I had thought it was many of his rich friends that enjoy these shows, as a matter of fact, I would not doubt that Mr. Richardson having season passes for the theater he is threatening to remove as waste.We will probably lose experience in this spot also.


$250,000 in revenues annually pays high insurance premiums, enormous advertising costs outside of the local area, recruiting costs for many vendors, and supplies for cleaning up after such an event, as well as many other items to be sure.To be quite honest, if I was really concerned about what was in their budget, I would volunteer my talents to assist with the events, not cry that I�m not allowed to see their personal books.


Consider this, when he says �I do not intend to eliminate jobs or staff.You might want to understand he didn�t do much of that at the College either, he had Richard Greene do the dirty work, who do you think he will have as a lieutenantin the city government to do the firing for him?Personnel officer?Like it or not, you will never get back the same city of Morganton once he messes our city up!��


I realize I am not very politically correct but I am effective in my own way, and the statistics speak for themselves, folks are interested in knowing the truth about some things from other sources, sources they may trust much more.�� May God keep watching over our great city as he has for so long, and keep us safe from outside harm.


27 September 2007New Website Record daily -- check stats above.

Hope everyone is having a great day, I know I am.Today�s drive to Oteen was a very nice one, traffic a bit heaver than normal and a lot of haze on the mountains today.Came home after 3PM and it was only 79 in Asheville but much warmer here in Morganton.Don�t think we will luck out on the rain today.


Received another comment today from Warner Ellison of AVATAR, a Fullenwieder run company, with a lot of in between the line remarks and comments.Just take a look at the sight, excuse me, site, and you will see what I mean.I am wondering how all these other folks are getting to my site as I only tell my friends to visit it.Guess sometimes some of the best friends are the worst enemy�s.


The following applies to his comments:Saying that a person was looking fine is not adultery.Spell the word �BOSS� backwards and you might then understand the quote.The amusing names and accusations Richardson�s acquaintances are spitting at me, on the web and on the phone, really do not bother me, what bothers me is these people think they know JIMBO.They don�t know me, they never took the opportunity.


As for suing the college, I told them I would not pursue it any further and I, unlike many others around her, do my best to keep my word, it means something to me.If enough folks think I should go ahead and sue the college again with the additional evidence I have collected for the lies they told to a federal judge to get the first suit dismissed, think maybe I should now visit a Charlotte lawyer?Who will pay when I win, the people of NC and Burke County, and they are not the ones who should pay for these deeds, the guilty shall pay, one way or another.Can�t hide from GOD.


By the way, during my several years working at the college, I wore a suit more than Richardson did, what does that say about his professional image?He couldn�t even notice people on campus with a suit?Guess his eyes are real bad too, what other excuses will he need now?He knows me now, if he wants to admit it or not is up to him.


Check the stats, third day in a row with over a hundred visitors.Hmmmmmm, how many normal voters in Morganton?I hope my message gets through to my friends, and many of my old students were friends, I still see them in the local, and they can pass the word about what the truth is, they were there when it happened.Comments?


26 September 2007New Website Record daily -- check stats above.

<![if !vml]><![endif]>Waaaaaaa, the JIMBO claims he does not know me, has not met me, and knows nothing of me.Fine, this captain of the ship can sink with it; he can�t take responsibility for anything.I told him I shook his hand when I graduated, his response was, �I shake a lot of hands� which totally indicated to me, the act means nothing to him, so be it.How can someone not remember the person who sued his establishment?This is another fine example of why I think he is a liar.


His act of �I don�t know you� won�t go far with me as I know him.He will no longer receive Christmas party invitations from me.Doesn�t remember me, why do I have an old Christmas card signed by �Jan and Jim?�Still don�t know me?You should, I will be the one individual who will not let folks forget what a slime ball you really are.


Jimbo, tell your friends I don�t mind posting their dribble as I don�t really care what the foul mouth female hooker had to say about me.But then again, I consider the source and it all goes away, a friend of yours is no friend of mine.Funny how someone who hates my grammar wants to come back repeatedly and see more of it, kind of like staring at a pile of crap, it don�t get any better than that, does it lady?You and your friends will have lots to talk about, and if you want to write, I will give you even more to talk about.


It is 7:15 AM and I need to make another Oteen run for one of Burke County�s finest, a veteran who served their country.I will be back later with more about the past day.Until then, enjoy, check out the stats, yesterday was the first 100+ visitors in a day.Guess no one will ever see any of this, will they?Pass the word, pass the truth.


Back from Oteen, weather was warm, but not as warm as here.A lot of fog on the way up and it was still around a bit when I came back at 9:30am.Folks, at the debate, I sat in the fourth row, the first three reserved for candidates and their families, proudly displaying my �Ask me about WWW.BurkeTruth.COM� T‑shirt.I got the occasional stare from the handful of Richardson supporters whispering about my presence and throwing their best cold shoulders.What a rush.


I was also thanked many times for telling it like it is, no punches held back, keep up the truth and show the facts.Some folks take too long to come to the conclusion that all of the statements are true, the facts are on this site, somewhere, you need to remember, I do post the documentation.I have plenty of documentation if you want to dig into the depths of this BLOG.Go back to the beginning and you will see plenty of documentation on why I have a gripe with Richardson and the college administration of the time.


I have done more volunteer work in the past year than Jim Richardson and Richard Greene have done in the past ten!I give to my community not only a large portion of my time and efforts but my money as well, I try to be generous to all, but now I need to limit some, those I do not trust any longer.I will say this, Richardson has split our community and I do not believe it will ever be the same again, some folks do not forget so easily.


For a moment I actually felt sorry for Richardson, when you watch the debates again, watch Richardson closely at one minute into his opening statement and you will notice the large black fly on his head.It eventually flies away but you know what they say about where flies land.All you need to do is to judge for yourself when you see the reruns.The fly on Richardson is FACT.I mentioned it on other occasions before this and people thought I was joking about it.


While you are at it, after a few more seconds, he gets to a point in his script where someone obviously made some unexpected changes as he stuttered a bit and his remarks did not make any sense, watch it and see for yourself, these are facts.I think he said �A leader who will not alienate ??????Uhhhhh????? Who will not ???Uhhhhhh??? garble ??? that builds and develops�?�Guess I would not make a very good stenographer or court reporter, as I just couldn�t make out what he was saying there.


25 September 2007New Website Record daily -- check stats above.

It is a scorcher out there today, in the mid to high 90�s where I was looking for temps.Had an emergency trip to Oteen yesterday evening but the vet is feeling like a new person today so every little bit helps, we need to help each other, not hurt.How many of you have already made plans to visit the Burke County Fair?It is coming up next week and I will be there on occasions doing my thing.


Think JIMBO will have a booth?If so, think they will be offering Champaign to the parents of those who live in Morganton?Wonder who will be serving the drinks, his ole friend from the party?How will he buy the votes of non drinkers?Either way he tries, it will not work, he is a joke.


I have noticed the DO NOT VOTE FOR RICHARDSON signs in the windows of two businesses on the 400 East Union developments, it is starting, people will hear the truth, look at the stats for yourself, it is enough to make JIMBO sick.


Today is the debate; I hope to have the opportunity to take a few shots while the debates are hot and heavy.I will report what I hear, and will attempt to take sound clips while there; we shall see what we are allowed to do.More to come folks, I�m sure.


24 September 2007New Website Record daily -- check stats above.

Howdy Y�all, it is another warm day in Burke County North Carolina, God�s country, where most people care about their neighbors, noticed I said most, we have our fair share of the bad ones too.Fifteen more days of HELL for Jim A. Richardson, once he finds out how badly he showed he will turn tail and run.Guess his group can see for themselves at how much this site is growing, right before the election.


Tomorrow will be the great debate between the Mayoral candidates and that should be fun.Hope I can get front row center with my camera, I will also be sure to wear my �BurkeTruth.COM� t-shirt so everyone can see dissention on Richardson�s campaign.After that, it is two more weeks of politicking and then the final count, another embarrassing show for a Cohen competitor.


I have already posted a couple of signs in two downtown business locations, now to see if anyone else prints them and posts them.I also will keep one on my windshield so everyone around can see it.Can�t fight the stats, they speak for themselves, more and more are looking, I wonder what they think?Most folks hit this BLOG and lately it has pushed the CESSPOOL up the list quite a way.Drop a line; what do you have to say?


I went to vote today, guess what, I didn�t vote for the guy whose mother runs out from under the porch and chases you, the dog I call JIMBO, Jim A. Richardson has another dissenting vote on his permanent record now.Just remember, when JIMBO�s potential supporters visit this site, think they will stay with the snake?The voting process was easy and quick; the folks there were very kind and professional.If you have time drop by city hall and do your duty and vote.


23 September 2007New Website Record daily -- check stats above.

It is another wonderful Sunday in Burke County.Too bad we have just been notified about the closing of Henredon and the loss of so many jobs.They make it sound like it is a last minute decision but I believe the decision of when to close was made very long ago in a boardroom in Michigan.Funny the VanNoppen name came up, wonder if he had anything to do with the closings?


Oh boy, what an opportunity for JIMBO, right?Wrong, he thinks now that all the people will need to find new jobs, he can make false promises of great wealthy futures with his plans for educating them at WPCC for new local jobs with big companies that he himself will bring into our town.Bush said there were weapons of mass-destruction.


Guess the supporters of JIMBO are starting to worry even more, the group bit off more than they could chew, look at the way the big bucks are pushing, and they made it a dirty campaign from the start.Stealing website names is nothing short of dirty politics and this was done long ago.Falsely accusing people of things without evidence is nothing short of dirty politics, where are the festival records?They are where they belong.


I heard about JIMBO�s style of leadership that he displayed at city hall this past week, upsetting workers with that poor style of leadership to the point you made someone sick.Too bad no one wanted to take out verbal assault charges against you, which would have given you some FREE press.


On October 9th, JIMBO will be hiding his face when we all find out how poorly he will do in this run of his.I heard a rumor that Jim A. Richardson squints a lot when he is lying, sorry, he squints all the time.Also heard his mouth moves just like �speed racer,� but in a more feminism tone.His wife sounds better than he does, does anyone else agree with any of these items?Drop me a line and you may just see it here.


Look around next week, you may see some new signs popping up, I can assure you of that.Check out the new business near city hall, they will tell the truth.Love the editorials in the News Herald, much like they were in the good old days, not chopped up and cut apart.Pickup on anything someone wants to write about, not just newsworthy stuff.


I put up a new SIGN for folks to print and distribute, it is on the main page.They fit anywhere, store front windows, dashboards, trees, poles, etc.Pass the word about this site, let folks know that BurkeTruth.COM exists and they have an open source to say what they want to say.Let�s start spreading some of the truth about the candidates and not hold back.


I�m hoping to see someone at Tuesday�s debate, hope photography is open to anyone, I would really like to post some pictures and sound clips.Wonder if I will be escorted out for my t-shirt.I wore it to Britthaven to pick up my aunt for my brothers birthday party and they all seemed interested in what BurkeTruth.COM was all about.Hope they enjoy this when they all come to see it.


21 September 2007New Website Record daily -- check stats above.

Was it not a good feeling to wake up to this mornings sprinkle, made the air fresh and crisp, at least for a few minutes.The clouds passing over are keeping us cool but it is not dropping moisture, which we really need soon.Wish the good lord would have pity on us poor souls and give a bit more water.


Have you noticed that the News Herald is already reporting the excuses that JIMBO is throwing out for why he is going to lose so bad!There were painters in the way, parking was limited, it was on the wrong day, etc.The jerk better start working on his speech of concession and congratulatory accolades to the continuing mayor of Morganton.


It was funny to see the article in the paper that said they attempted to call on numerous occasions and there was no answer, you would think they would of at least put on an answering machine to beg for votes or take messages, but no, they aren�t very bright on that end.I won�t doubt that JIMBO may get some votes, he surely paid enough for them, but it will still be an embarrassing show when the tally is over.I will really get to gloat then, won�t I?


Start passing the word folks, everyone needs to know this site exists and that anyone can post a remark with me, just try it and see for yourself.No point biting your tongue, you can let it rip with me.I updated the Top 10 Reasons button on the first page, changing it from a document to a web page for easy loading.Enjoy yourself.


Late night update:I have just received a very nice reply to my note sent to the Charlotte Observer.I have posted this letter in the comments page, take a look.Today set a new record of unique visitors and by tomorrow the number of visits will set a new record also.Can�t stop the truth, can you JIMBO?Guess your supporters are starting to worry about now, aren�t they?


20 September 2007

Another wonderful day in Burke County, weather was cloudy, on and off all day but unfortunately, no rain.I was at Oteen from 9AM until 2PM and it was cool and cloudy but no rain up to that point.On the drive up, the clouds were covering the high grounds through the mountains, which is probably why they look so green at the tops.


I have noticed from the statistics that a few folks have been reading my BLOG.I would like for just a couple of you to make up little signs telling folks to �Check out BurkeTruth.com� and place them around where folks may see them.Maybe we should consider some bumper stickers for the folks in town?Does not matter how; just pass the word about this site for the next three weeks, after that it does not matter?


I started this website years ago to combat my anger, frustrations, and muzzling of the truth with regards to my employment at WPCC for so many years.The college did me dirty and covered it up with lies.The college slandered my name to a federal agency thinking it would never be discovered.Thank goodness for my camera, I took pictures of the documents that clearly show the college�s guilt.If I can prevent Jim Richardson from deceiving the people of Morganton then I will feel vindicated, to a slight degree.


I offer anyone with a gripe or comment to say what they want on my site, just write me and I will post it with or without your name.Of course there will be some limits, but not very many when it comes to your free speech.The main goal of the air force airman is INTEGRETY, and I intend to uphold just that, truth may hurt but truth will set you free.


Some may wonder why I do not worry about those rich folks who are in the CESSPOOL and all I can say is, in the last 15 plus years I have lived in this town, they have never given me a nickel or the time of day, except Roy as a teacher.Am I worried I will not be invited to their parties?Never invited me before, why should they want to start now.Besides, it is guilt by association, plain as day.Pass the word folks; hope you have voted today for anyone other than Jim A. Richardson, the known liar who wants to be Mayor of Morganton.


How did Richardson find a corner building in downtown Morganton for only $75.00?Why did he sign up as an Unaffiliated when the instructions clearly ask for it to be listed as Nonpartisan?Why has JIMBO not invested a nickel of his own money on his own campaign?


Why are people who reside outside the city limits providing money to a candidate for a city election?Is there no limit on how much money one family can give to a candidate?What do you think about this financial report?Guess they forgot the �Buy in Burke� slogan going around.Whose checking account was the first check written on?Check numbers just do not compute.


Is the campaign contributor �Gresham Orrison� or is it �William Gresham Orrison?�Guess �full� name does not mean the same to everyone, especially when directions are given.Guess I will just refer to this one as �Willie G� the mad eye doctor.


Notice how VanNoppen is racking in the bucks on this campaign?And he did not contribute a penny to the campaign.He did purchase MelCohenforMayor.com and I wonder how he will write that one off?Doesn�t it hurt when people find out the truth about you when you thought it was a secret?


I saw the jokester who wrote to the News Herald who was sucking up to Jimbo with a firm showing of his own ignorance.If he thinks his college education of one semester of leadership and �hands on?� approach with JIMBO at WPCC as an example of a leader, then the poor man shall surely fail in the real world, that is not leadership, that is a dictatorship.Richardson will lose and those around him will feel the ripples for long to come.Sites like this one will hold the history of this man for a very long time.Remember, someone searching for anyone who I have listed in the cesspool will come across this site and the truth.


19 September 2007

What a beautiful fall day it has turned into.The drive up to Oteen this morning had me wondering about the weather but I guess it was mainly just a lot of ground fog early in the morning and by 10AM it had dissolved and there were hardly any sight of clouds to be seen, and the air was crisp and clear.


Yesterday�s trip to Oteen turned into an all-day event.Was tuckered out yesterday but today can make up for it.All the vets had a great need to get to their appointments and without the DAV transportation program, it would not have happened.Since I have been driving I have put nearly 20K miles on the vehicle and it still runs great, a Ford Windstar model, I believe.


Can�t wait for Tuesday�s event, I plan on attending and getting front row center.I plan on wearing my gift from my kids, my WWW.BurkeTruth.COM t-shirt.Think anyone at the event will know what that will mean?Of course, I would also have to have my camera by my side, in the event there is something newsworthy to report on.


Initial indications are that the next victim of my wrath will be the new real estate agency opening up across from the Courthouse.Dirty business people, truth will come out in the end, it always does, eventually, but that is only a maybe, we shall see.


Think the Richardson camp will make any gains on the debate?I believe it will show that JIMBO is not a very good speaker after all; his girlish voice will start cracking when he gets nervous and I believe his ignorance of what is required for Mayor will ring out in the debates.He will embarrass himself and those around him.


His noted lack of attendance at many official functions and events, not to mention a large number of business meetings, will show he is not concerned.This is not a job for an old �has been� to come out and say, �I�m bored now that I�m no longer a big shot, won�t someone give me money so I can buy a job for myself. �This man makes no sacrifices except for himself, he does not care about the others.


I think it is time for Gresham Orrison to move on down to Florida and retire like all the other senile old folks down there.This community is getting tired of select rich folks trying to take control.As an ex-Air Force Officer, he is displaying actions and conduct unbecoming of a commissioned officer.Welcome to Richardson�s Cesspool.


I wonder if he is the idiot at Morganton Eye Physicians who sent my son home after a serious chemical burn to the eye, that idiot caused the blindness in my son�s eye, it burned all night, until normal business hours, couldn�t be bothered, just wait for the final judgment, we shall see about this when the time is appropriate.


The most amazing part of all this is the numbers that have been visiting the website.That tells me that there are folks around the world looking up information on people and low and behold, they hit my site and find what they were looking for, truth.Spread the word folks; tell a friend about this site, watch the numbers grow.If you know anyone who lives in Morganton, let them know about this website, please.


17 September 2007

22 more days of Hell for the Richardson campaign, I�m not going anywhere.I know the Richardson supporters are hating me with a passion and that is A-OK with me, a friend of JIMBO�s is NO friend of mine, remember that next time one of you ask me for a favor.Will I hold it against someone for supporting a political position, I will in this case as I have personal knowledge of what kind of man he is and I think he is a snake!


I started this website because of the injustice I received from WPCC administration and staff, and I have laid out evidence on what kind of people they are.I will let the people judge for them selves and not be misled by half truths and lies as they seem to like to push out to everyone who asks.Anyone who goes back into my BLOG at the early dates will see what it is all about.I have been warning folks for years the group at the college were no good, and corruption will be identified in the future and things will be corrected at that time, the truth will come out.


I�m wondering why I haven�t been offered a sum of money to shutdown my website.Think they would even consider doing this? It sure would take a lot of money for me to bite my tongue off not saying what I think about the dastardly plot to put JIMBO into office.Should have asked my permission before putting him into the position like someone did with the CC president position.I had no objections to their selection and I told them I would do nothing further, to allow them to clean up their act.I have kept my word on this, I do my best to always keep my word, and it means something to me, unlike most of those supporting Richardson.


There is no doubt in anyone�s mind that this site is the worst thing to happen to the Jim A. Richardson for Mayor of Morganton Campaign and they know it.Sometimes you need to eat your mistakes and cut your losses, have him withdraw today and I will take down everything on my site about him that I have posted for the past two months.What a waste of money and burning of bridges this man has caused this community, we don�t need his kind around here, hope he moves when he loses.


In addition to getting to the truth behind some of the local hidden stories I also make my website available to many other local friends to get their message out on the web.My dearly departed friend, Robert D. (Ted) Calloway needed a spot to spread the word of GOD and I gave him �Calloway�s Cube,� and I will keep the cube as long as I keep the site to keep his memory and mission active as long as I can.


Another special friend who is passing the word of GOD is Carl Saunders, and I have added his Christian Link to my site and will post his monthly newsletters as long as I can.When sent a Christian joke I post it to the Godly cube, take a look for your self.If you wander through the site you will find many unusual links to strange places, some nice, some not so nice.


Of course, I would not be complete without my military cube and links.As a twenty year retired veteran, I now do my best to assist with many other veteran organizations as I can and will post anything military related to assist with my brother vets.I have a search link that will allow you to look up the owners of websites and also to look up an IP (Internet Protocol) address to see who is really looking at you.


I would love to see more readers send comments to me, I will cover your name if needed, and let your views be heard, do you think I�m just some vengeful nut or do you think I have a point behind my words?Drop a line, see it here, you know they will.


16 September 2007

It has been a beautiful day today; sun is shining but not too hot or humid.What a wonderful church day it is.I was so happy to see today�s News Herald Editorial section with a letter from Dr. Edwin Chapman, President Emeritus, who seems to know the real Jim Richardson and he recommends we support Mr. Cohen, and not Richardson.


Good to see those people of Morganton not supporting the lies and misleading information being distributed by the Richardson for Mayor Campaign.It seems like Richardson does not have enough money to take this election, and those who spoke so loudly about his changes are the ones who will end up leaving town with their tails between their legs.Wonder where VanNoppen will go, I�m getting tired of his wasted space in the paper with useless dribble.


Jim A. Richardson is responsible for the fireworks at WPCC being cancelled; he didn�t want to pay anything extra for cleaning up after the celebration.If elected as Mayor of Morganton, you can count on the Historic Morganton Festival closing down for good as the people who make it happen will not want to work with Richardson.We will lose all the great entertainment we have enjoyed these so many years.


Richardson will probably cancel the TGIF events on Friday evenings as the ones who set that up will not work with his type of leadership.It is cooperation with so many others that make these events work, and Richardson is nothing but a dictator and these volunteers do not respond to that type of his leadership, or those of his friends.


Why does Richardson get people who live out of town to give him money to run a race in our local city?If this does not prove he will take money from anyone, I don�t know what is.His handful of signs is getting old real fast, how long do you think they will be left around town after he is beat?


Richardson�s downtown merchant supporters can depend on not having my business; they don�t belong in this town and ought to sell out to someone with more respect.Morganton is not for sale.Move up to Wilkes County where Jim A Richardson is from, take him home with you.


I was going to spend a bit of money at the Morganton Music Store, to buy my son a birthday gift, to supplement the $350 Amplifier he already had, but after seeing the employee having a Richardson sign in his yard was enough for me to spend the money elsewhere.


I may owe an apology to Mr. Taylor, who is a WPCC trustee, if what I hear is true, I haven�t heard from him to confirm the information and until then I will be leery but he needs to understand why I do not trust the Board of Trustees at WPCC.The Board is associated with Jim A. Richardson, and everyone associated with him is pure trash in my book.


I heard that Mr. Taylor was not on the Board when Jim A. Richardson, Richard Greene, Jane Carswell, Cindy Calloway, the Board of Trustees, and the Foundation did me very dirty, if this is in fact true, I apologize to Mr. Taylor and ask he get with me so I can explain the whole truth about the events around my departure from WPCC, after six straight years of outstanding reports.


Maybe some are now trying to clean up the WPCC board of trustees and foundation, it is long overdue. Notice on my stats that everyone in the www.so.ncccs.cc.nc.usis passing the links for the other local community college presidents to know the story behind Jim A. Richardson and what a piece of crap he really is.JIMBO knows this is a true statement too; the others just do not like him.


14 September 2007

What a beautiful rainy day we have been blessed with today, I love it.Wish it would stick around for a few days, not 30 but more than a day.This should help make the grass turn green for a few days.I regret not being able to go hear the candidates stump downtown tomorrow for five minutes each, I would have loved to wear my �Burke Truth� shirt when Richardson attempted to speak.


Today I had the opportunity to sleep until noon, and I enjoyed every minute of it.It sure did recharge my batteries but I�m still quite slow most of the time.I do not enjoy getting aged with additional health problems popping up all the time.Thank goodness I am a military retiree and the government takes good care of me, anything goes with them.


Tomorrow morning I have an early trip up to Oteen to assist with the wheelchair events that will be held for the veterans who are paralyzed from the waist down.I�m not sure what I will be doing but it sure will be a warm fuzzy helping the veterans as best I can.We all need to give somewhere, and I mean somewhere other than just home, yes, that is where charity begins but when you are blessed, take it elsewhere.



13 September 2007

Today is my son�s 29th birthday, next year he will no longer be trusted by youth.When I was young they said never trust anyone over 30.What were they talking about, times were much different then.Today I buried a friend of my, Ted Calloway, I will miss you bud, and your special phone calls, may God bless you with all his might.


The drive early this morning to Oteen was nice and cool.When I hit the foothills by Old Fort I ran into rain all the way going up the mountain and just over the top but when I got to Oteen it had quit.Hope it comes this way as we need it ever so much, plants are having a very hard time during this water restriction period.


Still have not heard from anyone concerning the mystery photo that put through my mail slot, is the young lady pouring spirits a minor or not?If she is, is this the type of supervision we can expect on his dream teen hangout location?So few teens, only around for a few years, get something everyone can use, like the sports complex and picnic grounds out on the bypass.


I am tired of seeing Jim Richardson trying to buy control of the town with his handful of conspirators.It is easy to see where the money is coming from, look here.I was shocked when I seen two names of Burke County residents, but not Morganton residents, giving a large sum of money to Richardson�s campaign.Lost what I thought was a friend there, but that is their loss, not mine, no good computer work for them anymore, not when they consider my opinion worthless in this case.


I have not seen very many Richardson�s signs popping up in yards, but then again, Cohen does not use signs, so every clean yard is a Cohen yard, good to see so many voting for Cohen, and not listening to the song and dance act by Richardson supporters.Does Richardson even own a business in the city limits of Morganton?Has he ever owned any businesses in this fine town?He is just an overpaid and overrated child, wwwaaaaaaa.


And Jimbo, here is another Comment letter to you and your acquaintances.


11 September 2007

Hot again and no relief in sight for the wicked.I lost a special friend today, Robert D. Calloway, Shiny Head Ted, he has been fighting health problems for quite some time and I did visit him a couple weeks ago at Brian Center.We were going to go to one of the Crawdad ballgames soon; we were going to sneak him out.Guess that won�t happen now, duh.Sometimes when you get bad news, it is hard to concentrate.


God Bless the USA.


10 September 2007

Another warm day today with not much chance of rain, we need to be keeping our prayers active with an extra request for a bit of rain.Plants all over the area are turning brown, some are fighting it but most are losing as the heat of the day is drying out the leaves.Wonder if this will mean a dry winter coming?


I have a couple of new items about Jim Richardson on my main page, I keep finding more data about him, and sometimes when you get flooded with data it takes time to filter through the facts.I will get the financials on him soon so keep watching, you never know what I will do, as they like to say, I�m sick, no one person should say such things about a professional, but I might.




9 September 2007

Another scorcher today and no definitive relief in site.Water rationing is now in effect and local wells will be drying up soon at a faster rate than they are now.Water table is dropping and we need quite a bit to bring it back up to normal levels, all the lakes in this region are way down and dropping every day.


It was a great morning, I think; I slept in until past noon and enjoyed it very much.The family spent the afternoon with my Mother and my Aunt, celebrating my mothers 87th birthday today with her 81 year old sister.My Aunt was only there for a couple of hours as we needed to return her to the nursing home for her medications, but even a couple of hours are a joy to her.


Can�t believe my neighbor has a Richardson for mayor sign in his front yard.I will need to speak to him about that and have it removed.It is a sign of how much money Mr. Richardson is throwing around to get elected, yard signs are not cheap.How about the posters starting to pop up everywhere?What about the magnetic signs on vehicles parked around Morganton?Across the street from the new city hall?


This race will show how much value the citizens of Morganton put on their city, are they going to let someone from outside come in and ruin what has been built?Richardson has no idea about the infrastructure of the city, or much of its history over the last twenty years.Is Morganton for sale to the highest spender?I don�t think so, but those who put the signs in their yards will not be forgotten.


8 September 2007

What a day it has been, this morning I went to Hendersonville to celebrate our annual Air Force Sergeants Association Chapter 363 picnic and auction.Got back and had to run to visit family at the nursing home, then a photo job out in Mountain View, outside of Hickory, good band playing.I missed the great entertainment in my own town.


I have never seen so many people in and around Morganton in all my life.I saw so many people and cars everywhere and so many smiling faces in the entire crowd.I know that Jim Richardson could never pull this off.He wants us all to ride ponies and says he can relate to teens as his wife has one.I think the teens downtown tonight are having a total blast.


To be truthful I hope teens do not read my BLOG as they are not the intended audience; my target is my friends that are a bit more mature than that.I can say what I like with the BLOG and I enjoy telling it like it is, no holding any punches, and call it like I see it.When I departed the college I never had a bad evaluation but that did not stop the college from sending a letter to a federal agency stating I was a discipline problem.


Might as well act the part of a discipline problem now, their tag, not mine.I have a very notable and outstanding career in the military and it is well documented.To have someone or something state otherwise is an insult without forgiveness.I tried to get you in court and you told lies to get your way out of it, I never got my day in court with it, that can cause quite a bit of frustration.


Now with my own website I can let others know just what kind of snake Mr. Jim A. Richardson really is.Funny the way he claims that Morganton is so dear to him when just this spring he was trying to get a job in Pueblo Colorado but they didn�t want him.They took some other retired military man instead.If he was selected, think he would have stayed here or would he have already packed up and took off to enjoy Colorado and a new job?


It is now obvious that he is trying to buy this election with the large flood of expensive advertising he is putting out.The radio spots are starting to come out hot and heavy now, but the message is not very effective.His voice on the radio sounds so flat and fishy that it makes him sound limp, but his wife�s voice is more pleasant, but not believable.


Yard signs are starting to pop up, I am thinking about going around taking pictures of where they are and adding the places to my cesspool.All I need to add them is a bit of hard evidence, and of course, I am the judge if it makes it here.So far, nothing has been refused, but there may come a time.Again, what trash in the yards.And on trucks too, the bumper stickers are starting to show up.


And this same jackass thinks he has hard evidence against the Mayor for pocketing money from the Festival.Think again JIMBO, Mr. Cohen is working the festival, it is his private time, he is not acting as mayor.Guess you have it confused with the deals that you used to make at WPCC, unlike your normal deals, these deals are fair, when you work, you get paid.


Today my mother turned 87 years young and is still able to celebrate with us.She and I experienced a hard life here in Morganton in the mid 60�s but we have come a long way.She will enjoy having her 81 year old sister to party with tomorrow afternoon.


7 September 2007

The last three days I have driven to Oteen, some much earlier than others but still a busy schedule.I also had the honor of being a Guide for groups of students from the Buncombe County Schools, who sent thousands of students to see the traveling Vietnam Wall, the Healing Wall for many, much more meaning to others.


Exit 59, turn right, then turn at the next right, into the Harley Davidson parking lot, it is in the wide open space next to the dealership.It is hallowed ground and nearly everyone paid nothing short of total respect to these heroes of America.


One problem is, many of those visiting Vietnam era veterans remember being spit at and cursed for being in the military.It was a different world and this wall helps many to deal with it.It will be there until Saturday night, at which time there will be a closing ceremony, maybe you can see it on the Asheville TV station.


Today and tomorrow will be fun.I plan to wear my �Ask me about BURKETRUTH.COM� t-shirt to the festival and I have to see what the Richardson for Mayor booth says to me when I walk by.Wonder if they even know this site exists?


I used to hear a lot of older people who say they would never vote for the person who uses his family to get others to vote for him.Why is he throwing his wife out in the public eye when it is he who is running?I agree, she can speak much better than he does, but she is not the one running.How soon before we see his wife on TV commercials pushing the guy as something that he is obviously not, we already know the guy.He only deals with the rich and uses little people, ask around.


4 September 2007

Just was released from the hospital, feeling a bit under the weather, but nothing that a bunch of pills can�t cure, I hope.The folks at the ER are getting better all the time, the first time I visited, I was impressed, but not nearly as impressed by this visit.Still hurt quite a bit but now I know what it isn�t and what they think it is.��


Weather today was nice and sunny with hardly a cloud in the sky.I drove a couple of vets up to Oteen this morning and it seemed very hazy going up but after a couple of hours of sunshine, the haze went away and it was so clear you could see the mountains much sharper.The drive between Burke and Buncombe is just fantastic; these mountains are just one of a kind, none other like them in the world.


Fifty visitors so far today, all wanting to see what I have to say about the man I refer to as an asshole, Jim A. Richardson.Folks, I am working on a couple of projects and will post them when it is ready.I am still wondering why I have not gotten any response yet to the picture I posted of some strangers.I still don�t know why I got it and I still don�t know the people in the picture, do you?


Why would Jim be afraid of CITY HALL for his debate?The fool wants to work there but he is afraid of being in �hostile territory?� Just think if elected he would probably spend maybe an hour or two doing city business and then go to his smelly barn on Bost road and chill.


That is all he did at WPCC, he became a leach on the State System and probably black mailed a few trustees in the process to get what he wanted.I am surprised he doesn�t have his jerky side kick, Richard Greene, there trying to taint the system.Who is doing the dirty work?


Who is paying for all the advertising I see around?Who is the group supporting the asshole?I will add everyone associated with him to my cesspool when I get it all together.Richardson knows that I know what he is, he can�t stand it, & he can�t do a thing to stop me.Funny thing is, it is the truth that hurts him the worst.Getting all this off my chest sure does make me feel better, it is therapeutic.


1 September 2007

What a week it has been, busy, busy, busy, but not a lot of relief.Better than the alternative of not having or being able to do anything.Weather has been teasing us in town the past couple of days.We hear the thunder but nothing to follow.


Yesterday a very good friend in Oak Hill called and said it was pouring rain there.I asked him to send some my way but wouldn�t you know, it was turned around somewhere and we didn�t get a drop.Another thunder and no rain day for today, so far at least, it may still rain, I sure hope so.


Couple days ago I received a picture through my mail slot and was trying to figure out who they were.I asked a couple people and they had no clue, as well as myself having not much.I posted it on my Burke Politics page for all my local friends to see.


Don�t forget folks, if you are not my friend then you are not welcomed at this website.This site is only for my friends who know I won�t shoot them a bunch of stories like the others always seem to get away with.Sometimes truth hurts but that can be forgiven, after atonement for the deed.I don�t need leadership based on false appearances.


Just how much do you think Mr. JIMBO knows about Morganton�s infrastructure?Think JIMBO knows the history of the town as well as the other candidates?Morganton employees need to talk to the real employees at WPCC and see what the truth is about JIMBO before a major mistake is made.Consider this, ever been invited to a party where JIMBO is in attendance?If you say yes, you have a lot of money.


Diamond Jim Richardson is only in it for the money, or am I allowed to say the kickbacks without going too far?As the highest paid state employee for many years, and I have been told all the gifts, and additional benefits are not considered as part of his salary, because if it was the he broke the law and the SBI would look into it.It does pay to have connections to some places, but they never seem to get very far at the federal level, do they?


Do you have an opinion about this man or anything else, write and you will see it on the comments page.You do have a safe place to say what you want, without being chopped up and changed.Here is your opportunity to get it off your chest.


29 August 2007New Website Record daily -- check stats above.

What a great day it is, a bit too warm, but still enjoyed a great definition of the �Smoky Mountains� on my drive to Oteen this morning.Hit the continental divide with solid fog.When I departed Oteen at 10:30 it was clear and sunny on that side, but got to be overcast coming down the big hill.


Today is the day I became eligible for some senior discounts, I�m wondering if and when I will actually ask for it.Vengeance can be therapeutic when it can be taken with the pen and not the sword.Good things come to those who wait.My turn now, why should I hold back my story about my life?Folks need to know the truth, and that always feels good.


Through this site I have the ability to get things off my chest, relieve the pressure of things I cannot control.I was reassured today when I read about the Air Force core values -- Integrity first, service before self and excellence in all we do.It is my personal opinion, based on my experience, that I do not believe Jim A. Richardson has much integrity.For this reason he is unfit as a candidate for Mayor of Morganton.


Service before self, I believe my driving veterans back and forth to Oteen can be considered as service before self.As a volunteer, I responded to an emergency phone call last Thursday evening of the big storm, with no power at my place, my midnight call to Washington still enabled an active duty military member to return for a family emergency.Would you consider this as service before self?Live by example.


Am I any good at any of this?I do the best I can, volunteer where I can, and help my fellow man where I can.I believe I have touched a few nerves that were not expecting any repercussions.The stats of this site say folks are talking, one way or another.Feel free to voice your opinion, send me your comments and see them posted here.


28 August 2007New Website Record daily -- check stats above.

It started out a bit cooler this morning but warmed up real quick.Will be glad when the heat spell is over, I don�t do so well in the heat anymore, age sucks.My birthday tomorrow ought to put me in a good mood.This way I will not forget my wife�s birthday tomorrow and I still haven�t figured out what I am going to do.


This afternoon I had the opportunity to visit the DMV off Enola Road, to get a renewal of my drivers� license.What a bummer, my new one is only good for five years and my wife�s new license is good for eight years, no fair.Seems like the number �53� is the new NC age of instability, then again it may be somewhere around 57 or 58, within the five year period?


I noticed that Mr. Roy McGalliard has again stuck his foot in his mouth and it won�t take much longer before he regrets the taste.The more I see him support Jim Richardson, the more respect I lose for that man.I certainly hope he didn�t claim to be a soldier and sailor because of his Department of Defense Dependent School work with the government.How can he be so blinded by the scandals of his previous BOSS?Is he claiming ignorance on Richardson�s �unofficial� record that is hidden so well?


By the way, know what a �BOSS� really is?It is a backward Stupid Son of a Bitch and a good supervisor and good leader knows this difference.You judge a person by the people they associate with, and you are obviously blind to the truth.


Roy needs to understand that more people wanted the Wal-Mart where it was going to go, the traffic will not be as bad as the High School will reduce the student load by one half after the two new schools are online.Besides it is all a mute point now and someone just can�t let it go, seems like that is the only spark they have in their arsenal.


27 August 2007New Website Record daily -- check stats above.

Another warm day in Morganton, the rain has helped the weeds grow much better and you can still see pockets of damage from last Thursdays storm, up from the post office the apartment on the right has three trees and all of them took damage.


Local paper had a story on the web worms, turns out that is what they are called, webworms, moths lay eggs below the leaves of selected trees and the webs are a form of protection to the worm like critters, expect a bunch of moths this year.


Now that Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales are gone I wonder who will be next?Seems like the purge is starting now; this way they can get their claws into the next administration and not worry much about their past as a pardon will surely come to them who have problems.I have a feeling Bush will have the longest pardon list in history when he leaves office.


I have actually seen a couple of Richardson for Mayor bumper stickers on a couple of cars, sad.Of course the first one I seen was on his wife�s SUV and the second was on an old vehicle driven by a lady so old she couldn�t have known what she was doing, driving 35 in a 45 zone, probably his mother or something.If both of these ladies really knew the man inside and the dealings he has made in the past they would probably take the stickers off their vehicles.In my eyes Jim A. Richardson is nothing short of a snake.


Who knows the real story behind his actions with his present wife?Is it really our business?Is it true that he committed adultery and was forgiven by the WPCC board of trustees?What kind of leadership do you think this is?Same people who went to all the local honky tonks just a few years ago?They don�t drink much either, do they?They destroyed the fun 4th of July celebrations this community used to enjoy by kicking us out of the WPCC area, shows how much they care about the people.


Think about this, over 500 different visitors to this site this month and the main subject of the visit is what I have to say about JIMBO Richardson for Mayor of Morganton.Guess what?I really don�t like the man as I know what kind of a person he really is, based on personal experience.People are talking and they will tell others who will then tell even more.Richardson will not buy his way into Morganton politics.


26 August 2007New daily Website Record check stats.

What a long drive from Wilmington, NC to Morganton.Hardly seen any highway patrol, one was hiding well, and a couple others were already writing tickets but nothing like holiday weekends.


It may have been the rain, seems like it rained all over the state this weekend, thank goodness.We really do need rain right now.


Notice from the chart that August has been a very busy month for my site?I am almost breaking the one thousand visits this month.Guess it might have something to do with the upcoming election?I have been looking into some of the site that has come to visit my site.Look for yourself, some are easy to tell, others take a bit of digging.


I forgot to mention, I met a big wig from WPCC Board of Trustees, Taylor, I was not impressed and I now understand how some of the shady deals had been made.I can never trust that shady man.Can�t believe he attempted to claim veteran status as he is not a very good example of a veteran in my book.I will check around with my resources and let everyone know what the story is on that one but I think he is going to be in the Cesspool with the others next month.Think he knew the story about what the college did to me so long ago?


Funny how JIMBO Richardson says 20 plus years in office is too much but he was in for how long at WPCC?What about his buddy Taylor?How long as that snake been on the board?This community needs to do some house cleaning in some very key positions, but Mayor of Morganton is not one of them.What can one say, one step at a time.


25 August 2007New daily Website Record check stats.

It is a very hot day here in Wilmington NC and the humidity is fierce.My youngest grandson celebrated his 3rd birthday today with many friends playing all over the house.Right now everyone is out shopping, and tomorrow is the day I shall come back home to wonderful Morganton.Sure will be glad to be home in the best spot in the country.


Funny thing happened last week, I ran into Jan Richardson at a local quick stop store and she is looking fine as ever, too fine for JIMBO.That pretty woman needs to find herself a real man, not one of those cowboy want to be�s, he is only a smelly man after he has been to the barn.Who in their right mind would want a stinky representative in charge of their city, not I for sure!


I have had a very busy schedule the past couple of weeks.Thursday I took a vet up and back to Oteen and in the afternoon I had a computer call to assist with, by early evening we had our local DAV chapter meeting and then I ran off to WPCC to see my representative Patrick McHenry, who seemed to have a harder time on this meeting than he did on previous ones.Things heated up after the power went out in the meeting.


Fifteen minutes prior to the end of the meeting the power went out over almost every bit of the city. Local law enforcement pulled out their flashlights, only to find out their battery power was very low.With those dim lights and the cell phones many pulled out seemed to light up the area.Even Mr. McHenry had his phone open and it lit up his face a bit, but not in a favorable way but they guy was trying hard to keep going.


Unfortunately he got to the back of the room and one gentleman asked him why he cut off those who asked the wrong questions and encouraged dialogue with those who made complementary statements and then asked favorable questions.Funny how the one group of people all sighed when that was said, but if anyone looks at the video of the event, they will see how obviously true this was.I do understand the point of the statement but it did not change a thing, all folks tend to lean toward those who favor them.


To be totally honest, I respect Patrick McHenry for having the guts to get up before everyone and take on the questions but his answers always slant one way, toward the party stance.It was totally hilarious to hear one person comment on Mr. McHenry not voting party line as the statistics show otherwise.It was also funny to hear him talk about campaign funding as he has one of the biggest purses in Washington as a first timer reelected.


I was disappointed that I heard no one person mention his staffer who was convicted of voter fraud, voting for Mr. McHenry in a close race and cheating his own party people in the process.Using Patrick McHenry�s home address is nothing short of collaboration of this violation of law and a pre law student should of known better, it doesn�t say anything good about his character.What do you think folks, got anything to say?


21 August 2007New daily Website Record check stats.

What a busy day it has been, had one rider to Oteen and four more for the Bingo event which was held today at the long term care facility.Arrived home at 5PM and had to go and pick up my Aunt from Britthaven to celebrate her 81st birthday at her sisters house.Now I get home and try and catch up and get ready for tomorrow.


I hope everyone has had an opportunity to visit the comments page as there is a new letter posted and it is real good, it comes straight to the point, and lays out what the bad guys are trying to do, misinform the public, give us a dose of eyewash so we can�t see the truth anymore.


20 August 2007New Website Record daily.

Another scorcher in downtown Morganton, where is the rain when you really need it?Need to be careful for what we are wishing or we may have another flood on our hands.Weather is getting to everyone and everything.Tempers are as short as ever and domestic disputes are easy when there is nothing there to cool them off.


The critters in my yard have thinned out considerably and when I put out the last dose of seeds a few have shown up, moving real slowly.I have not seen the predator bird for several months but the local cat has been prowling steadily, mainly for the small birds and rodents.


I couldn�t believe that I heard someone actually blaming the Mayor for us not having the new Wal-Mart.Folks need to understand, the only reason Wal-Mart put us on hold is so that no one person would be slighted during the election.Who really thinks the decision for Wal-Mart is that of the Mayor alone?Not well informed, are they?


Why does the News Herald not publish their unofficial website poll of the desire of people who want the store where they were headed, on North Green and Independence?Remember that there are many out there that just hate Wal-Mart and anyone or thing associated with it, their freedom of choice.


One of the biggest things that really hit a nerve with the JIMBO supporters is that there is nothing that they can do to stop me.Believe me; I really enjoy telling the truth about how bad of a decision Jim A. Richardson is for this community.They can�t affect my job, my salary is as secure as the U.S. Government and they don�t have the power to corrupt or control my pay.


I have a property investment in the downtown area as well as paying for my home in this city; can the same be said for Jim A. Richardson?Has he invested anything in the downtown area of Morganton?What experience does he have with the general public?NONE.He used to hide behind his expensive college desk and spend the rest of his time in the barn with his only other true friends.


Have fun folks, go to the GIS and do a search for Jim Richardson and see if you can make any sense of what he has in this community.I believe he pays taxes on a barn but not the land the barn is sitting on, strange.


Why not write to him at: RICHARDSON JIM, P O BOX 1017, MORGANTON, NC 28680 and ask him how he did it?While you are at it ask him how he did this:Sales Amount: $0 & Sales Date: 12/30/1899?Surely this could not be a TAXABLE GIFT at any time, could it?


Why doesn�t the city go on ahead and incorporate the corner of land out on Bost road where the big petting barn is and bring it into the city limits?Maybe the county tax folks need to reassess that area of the county?


I still invite all the readers of this site to write to me, you can protect your name, let your views be shared with others, you will not always get the local paper to put what you want in the paper, this is the web, it is freedom here, I will not censure you or your opinions so let �er rip.


19 August 2007New Website Record as of 2030 Hrs694 visits to this site this month

Hi folks, it is another great day in good ole Morganton.It is another day that my Charlotte Observer is missing.Wonder why, is someone stealing it early in the morning or is the paper person forgetting where I live.I�m sure it was beautiful walking around at four or five in the morning as that seems to be the coolest and quietest time of the day.


Thought it was funny when I went to the Charlotte website and tried to lookup the JIMBO propaganda that was published in their paper on August 12, 2007 and found out that if I wanted to see the entire article, I had to pay for it, ha, why?It is bad enough when they can�t guarantee me a daily paper where I live but then to double charge me for something I had already paid for is not good business.


JIMBO was booted from WPCC along with one of his biggest cronies, Richard Greene, and I think the words he was told was something like �Leadership gets stagnant after too long� and that really touched him so much that he can�t forget it.I think that statement belongs more to Richardson than Cohen and he will have to eat his words come the day after election.


I have a sneaky suspicion and prediction that JIMBO will move out of town with two years after the election, as most of his friends will eventually abandon him.The people who really know him are talking and it is not what he is expecting, many are telling the truth.Had you asked him if he would move to Pueblo, Colorado this past February he probably would have said yes, if he could get a job there.Guess they knew the truth.


Bottom line in the Mayor Race:Cohen has an open book history that speaks for itself, he has done nothing but improve this small town and he is not yet finished.We can see for ourselves that Mayor Cohen has not gotten rich from his position, unlike the overpaid Richardson from WPCC, not one other State Employee was paid higher than JIMBO.Remember that is our STATE TAX DOLLARS paying his retirement; want him to double dip in our TAX POCKET?


18 August 2007

Well folks, it was another super hot day in Burke and also in the surrounding areas.Some folks are lucky to get a bit of rain every now and then but it is really never enough.The ground is drying up and everything is starting to show it.More and more trees between Morganton and Oteen are turning quickly and some are even dropping leaves already.

I have seen several trees with the webs of critters so thick that the tree is going to die from their invasion.Someone needs to write me and educate me as to what are inside of all the webs we see on the sides of the roads.I see the caterpillars.Are they normal moths or will they be something else?Does anyone really know?Anyone know why we don�t spray them?If you are driving slowly past the post office, right next to the building entrance, look straight ahead and you will see one of the trees that will die from the infestation.


Today my volunteer time went to VAMC Oteen, as a representative of DAV Chapter #43, myself and my Commander, William �Bill� Wall, of Highway 126 fame, did several hours in temperatures that we really shouldn�t have been out in but when you say you will you are committed to your word.


The 2007 Veterans Appreciation Motorcycle Run was a success to the extent that my battery burned out on my camera from taking so many great photos of motorcycles.How many of you can say you have seen a real Indian motorcycle?They have raised over $7K to make the veterans lives easier when the end is near.


Many of those ill veterans live for nothing other than the next BINGO game.Many groups donate money and gifts to present to the veterans.Next time you see one of the veteran groups trying to raffle an item, please try and remember where the money ends up, always helping vets.Those vets were there when we and our forefathers needed them; they performed their duty; we should honor and respect them; no matter what their financial or social status may be.


I am still hoping for more comments about Jim A. Richardson, either way, if you support his style of leadership, why not say so?If you know some facts about him you would like to share, then please do.As anyone can tell from the statistics, someone has told someone else about this site.Pass the word on around, even if they don�t live in Morganton, they may have family or friends that do.


You may have noticed, I have started the Cesspool.Should I have a contest on how to name the cesspool?Do you have a suggestion as to what or whose name should go on the cesspool?Should I ask the WPCC trustees?Some things just need to be corrected before it is too late for how they will be judged, seems like the truth always comes out in time, look at the way much history has been rewritten.


I wonder if �one of them� apologized for their involvement with what had happened would they be forgiven.Yes, truth is one of gods� best attributes; it is restitution for the soul.Who knows what the future holds?Look at the direction history is going, see where we are at, and be your own judge, most every person reading this has more sense than anyone else wants to give them credit for.Are you going to let JIMBO buy this election?Speak up, ask the hard questions, opportunity knocking.


17 August 2007

Well it appears to be a good start for a great Friday in Burke and surrounding counties.Was up five this morning picking up my son and delivering him to the Charlotte Airport for another trek down to Miami for an eye appointment, this afternoon I will have the joys of going through the airport at rush hour, oh what a life.J


Seems like sometimes our lives seem to guide us into many directions and setting priorities are always becoming a challenge as all ventures are special.I know that I have learned a lot but there is so much more and so many different ways to experience it.Some folks go to school and gain their experience from a book and others travel the world to experience the world and the life around it for themselves.


We are all special in some way and very limited in others.Opportunities come and go and whether or not we grab onto it is our choice.Many times the opportunity is a false hope that only hurts us but we cannot be afraid of trying.We learn from each experience and apply it to our future lives.The best leader is the one who leads by example, not by fear of reprisals.


Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit with many veterans from all the conflicts of America�s past and present.The Old Soldiers Reunion {1200} and parade {1700} was held yesterday in Newton, NC; I think it was the 113th annual celebration.It started as a Civil War Veteran event and has since included all the conflicts of which our American service men and women have had to face to defend their homelands.


The heat cut the number of participants as you couldn�t expect H.S. bands to plan in their uniforms in 100 degree temperatures.Even many spectators had to stay away because of the heat but it was still very crowded and a great event.


I am still hoping others will speak up either for or against JIMBO.So far the count is two and two, two complaints {crank phone calls} and two letters of encouragement.You can see the two letters on the comments page of this site.I post their letters anonymously as I do not want to put anyone into jeopardy as I know the type of power some jerks in our local community have and will gladly abuse to hurt someone.


Do you know something about JIMBO that you can share with the rest of Morganton so everyone can understand what a gross mistake it would be to vote Jim A. Richardson for Mayor of Morganton.Someone needs to speak up for the actions that the good ole boys club has been getting away with.They need to learn to do unto others as they want them to do to them, so with that in mind, I will continue to rant about the quagmires of the future if JIMBO and his coconspirators take control of the city.


I know I mean nothing to them {the twisted socialites of town}, but then again, they don�t mean much to me either.I do not care if history changes their one sided twisted set of facts to the truth.I believe with enough time, the truth will reign supreme.Look at what DNA does today.It will get better with time, and hopefully the lack of setbacks, which will occur if JIMBO gets elected.Can they buy the election?Speak up!This is your opportunity knocking.


15 August 2007

What a scorcher today, over 100 degrees makes for a miserable day to be outside, not to mention how dangerous the sun�s rays must be now.My drive up to Oteen this morning was not that bad but I left at 6:30 in the morning and came back at about ten.After lunch, the temperature kept climbing and I noticed in the car as it went from the mid 90�s to up over 100.


Do you trust our current administration in Washington?Check out what they say about themselves in this little snippet.http://www.moveon.org/r?r=2879&id=10983-5654225-0kKu8q&t=2What or who do you think changed this man�s mind about good and evil?Guess you sell out to the tune of the current piper, or at least in this case, to the party.


Yesterday�s trip to Oteen was about the same, hot all the way with the haze getting much worse than the past few days.I have a sneaky feeling that we are about to get slammed with some more extreme weather, and I hope no one gets hurt by it.Last night I had a trip to Charlotte to volunteer with the CITPG folks and had a great time and met many new people, a new cartoonist looking for data, I know he got a bunch.


Stats on this site have been climbing quite rapidly, as you can see for yourself by looking at the stats at the top of this page.Of course I really think it has something to do with my childish ranting about JIMBO, the looser.But let me also say I have received another comment.


How about photos taken at the City Hall with JIMBO�s picture on the dash of a car.

You can expect about fifty some more days of this JIMBO, with each passing day, maybe something more awful than the one before, and don�t forget the upcoming CESSPOOL of you and your coconspirators attempting to take over the city.It is not a choice with JIMBO, it would be a disaster.


Today, another person joined the cesspool, and that person was Roy A. McGalliard, because of his kiss butt endorsement of the JIMBO in today�s newspaper, and this was really sad as I had Mr. McGalliard as an instructor and I used to have a lot of respect for him, but not as much anymore.He more than others should know JIMBO�s back room, closed-door, no one needs to know, dictatorship form of leadership.Sad, another socialite one bites the dust.


I don�t think we are in the shadow of anything, especially Table Rock Mountain.Sneak attacks on Jim Richardson�s watch?What a joke!What do you call stabs in the back, that ain�t sneaky?Only thing I can think of is that this person has Alzheimer�s or some other brain disease as he is spitting out nothing but false crap about JIMBO�s abilities.


The issue of Wal-Mart is gone and not a part of the election as JIMBO was hoping but it seems like his rich straw man support tries to make it an issue.These jerks are normally referred to as trouble makers in most areas.The opinion poll mentioned was not that of the news herald which shows 42% of Morganton residents want the new superstore located at Green and Independence, if others don�t like it, let them leave.Don�t make up false data, rules did not change, only a few loud mouth folks voicing their opinions, which is their right.


13 August 2007

Another warm day in God�s Country, that is Western North Carolina, and especially in Burke County, where weather has a natural way of sparing us the brunt of things.I have heard talk of why the Lake James dam was shored up, not because of terrorist, but because the problems with keeping lake owners happy and not being able to manage a large flow of water in a short time, the sold out the folks down river and let them all enjoy a nice flood.


If I had control in the government I would have made Duke Power pay for the damages that occurred downstream as well as the expense to help with flood control and clean up.The insurance companies should dig deeper to see the underlying cause of the floods, poor management, poor priorities, and primary concern only for lake front owners.


As of this morning, this site has had more visitors this month than the entire month of January of this year, 264 unique visitors, maybe it will double this month?I must say, it is due to all the politics we have in our local area that is generating the traffic.Some folks are surprised to hear the truth about one of the local socialite who wants to have the office of Mayor bought for him.


I would really like to hear some feedback, good or bad, and not by phone call, e-mail me and I will post it in the comments.If you want to remain anonymous just let me know and I will hide your real name and address.Do you think I am being too hard on the old JIMBO?Here is your opportunity to say something, before it becomes too late.


The Cesspool will soon be established and you will see who in this community is attempting to tear it apart and make room for cronyism and kickbacks, at least in my opinion, that is what we are looking at.On the main page, I will post a page with the facts linking the smelly people together, and I will explain why some of these folks belong locally and some just do not.


We do not need businesses in this area that tries to hurt other business folks, pre-emptive actions will show the intent of the individual, let�s try and see through the smoke screen and notice the facts that are indisputable.Sad to say but not all the people in this community tell the truth, many tell half truths and they especially like to twist words to their desires, not at all close to the writer�s intent.


In the event folks are wondering why I am so DOWN on JIMBO I will let you know right now.The man was involved in my removal from WPCC as an instructor because I filed a grievance at the college and was terminated immediately.I ultimately sued the college for what they had done.The college sends a damaging letter to the EEOC with false information saying I was a discipline problem, never expecting me to find out about it.Every one of my evaluations from the college, for five years, was nothing short of outstanding.Well I saw and photographed the letter the college sent to the federal agency, it is posted in this BLOG, near the beginning.


Remember JIMBO, you started this feud, and you must now live with the repercussions.You did me nothing short of dirty and your associates should know by now what kind of a person you really are, and shame on them for supporting you for MAYOR.Just wait until I put the big sign in my front yard saying NO to Richardson and telling them to check out the BurkeTruth website to see why.ANY COMMENTS NOW?


BTW:There has already been one anonymous writer to the comment page; I believe they are an employee of WPCC, one who must feel much better now for letting it out.Thank you friend for writing, more folks need to do so, nip this in the bud before he thinks he needs to blossom and scare us with more advertising.


11 August 2007

What another beautiful day in Morganton, Burke County, North Carolina.This is definitely Gods� country as he did his best work around here.Western North Carolina is the best place in the world and it cannot be beat.I have been around the world and there are many great places but none as great as ours.


Heat is real bad again today, they keep saying it will not get to be as bad as the day before but it seems just as bad.Hope the rains come soon and get our levels back up to normal, we need all the help we can get right now.


Currently I seem to have gathered a following to see what I am going to say about the man who I believe is worthless and a gross mistake for the local community.Can you believe that four months ago I believe he was ready to move across the country to Pueblo Colorado?


Why do I say this, the announcement from the Pueblo Community College stated he was one of the three final candidates for the position of Community College President.He was not selected; needless to say, they must have some common sense and realized his resume was probably inflated, saying he had good leadership skills.


10 August 2007

It was in the 80�s when I left this morning for Oteen on another Vet run, it was in the 90�s when I left Oteen and it got hotter on the drive back.The haze that has been over the mountains the past few weeks seems to be clearing up on the piedmont side of the mountain but not on the far side of Asheville.


Many trees on the hillside have already started turning colors; after you get to Old Fort you will notice more and more trees that have brown leaves all over the side of the climbing mountain grapevine stretch.And whatever those worms are in the funny looking web like cocoons you see all over the sides of the road seem to be very heavy the more you go westward.Bumper crop of some sort of flying critters coming soon.


I have another needle for my Jimbo Voodoo Puppet: Check the stats and you will noticethe most frequent search phrases that hit my site, here are the top six:�burketruth.com�; �www.burketruth.com�; �burke truth�; �david tubergen morganton nc�; �truth burke county�; �asheville poker run�; and �jim richardson Morganton.�


This tells me that when someone types in �jim richardson Morganton� into their search engine they will be directed to my website as a choice.Guess what they will see?Also, it tells me that a lot of folks are talking about the website as they are frequently searched for items with my site names.


Not to mention the current average is over thirty people a day looking at this site.Well now jimbo, am I hitting any nerves yet?Want to tell someone to stop me?Just remember jimbo, you and yours started this so long ago.It feels good to finally get some form of real justice on what you had gotten away with.


Another funny thing I learned is that there are many folks who have programmed an instant notification when this page is updated, meaning I make a change; they want to know about it immediately.That sounds nice, as they will find out the hard way that they have picked the wrong person to run.I will expend my resources to put out the truth about this person.Hope someone else will eventually write and give their sides.


Folks, mark your calendars for September 5-8, The Wall That Heals, the traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial will be in Swannanoa, I-40 exit 59, located adjacent to the Harley-Davidson Dealership.Opening ceremony on Wednesday evening and closing ceremony will be on Saturday evening.http://www.vvmf.org/index.cfm?SectionID=505 will take you to the Tour home page.


LATE NIGHT UPDATE:Just found out that charlotteobserver.com has visited my site and went through quite a bit, but I don�t know exactly what, think they could have heard of BURKETRUTH.COM?


Also, found one individual who has jumped from the sinking ship, one day I go to see who registered the website for JIMBO, send the notice to his campaign site, and now the guy has pulled his name from the website, as well as selected other sites.


Some folks don�t understand how easy it is to save a webpage.Once saved it is sent by email to yourself and then you have a date/time stamp put on it that would hold up in a court of law, I believe, I�m no attorney, but I am a near nerd and know it can�t be tampered with and is easily verified in the ISP files.


Would anyone like to see what the page had on it originally?Enough requests will have me posting it on this site.Any comments from anyone?Maybe I should explain why I think that JIMBO was going to run out on us and go to Colorado, another time maybe.


9 August 2007

Another scorcher today, hope there are no jumps in the numbers of heat related injuries.I heard on the radio this morning about the Wal-Mart pullout.Personally it did not bother me for moving them right down the street from my house but it seems like almost everyone else thinks they have the right to complain, and they do.All I know is the city cannot afford the loss of the tax base the business provides to our city as well as all the employment opportunities.


You know folks, it is really amazing how quickly this site has picked up visitors.The monthly stats above will attest to what I am trying to say.My top three pages that get the most traffic are the one�s where I explain why Jim A. Richardson is not a good candidate for Mayor of Morganton, guess a lot of folks are agreeing with me, as I have not yet received a comment about what I have been saying.


Sorry, that last bit was not quite true, I have received phone calls with comments about my BLOG but then they would quickly hang up so those don�t count.A real comment is where someone has the guts to put their name on the product.Actually, I think I will be getting more comments and visitors as the next couple of months go by, people do talk.Besides, I am on a mission, a mission to expose the truth about the statements.


Here is the big question, why would VanNop and Fulenwi support such a looser?I am one of those who judge people by their associates and you two are not doing well right now.Even the Judge would have been a better choice but I would not have supported him either, we too have history, very long ago, I know what I know from personal experience, the old school days.My, my, my, the things we learn on the net.


All I can say, this site will become more active as the election draws nearer.And here is a pledge to everyone, after the election, when the required paperwork is finally filed in the board of elections office, I will dig into the contributors list to see who was also associated with this attempted coup of the downtown control.I will show you the documents filed and let you see for yourself.I will show where money was spent.Might as well let the truth be known.


8 August 2007

Hottest day that I can remember in a long time, feels like the heat I experienced in Mogadishu, Somalia, back in 1990.I did not enjoy the environment or the local people in that area of the world but their social elite know how to enjoy life, with inexpensive lifestyles and walls around your turf, and you provided your own security inside the walls, normally an animal and a person.Even there they did not feel safe and had panic rooms installed, funny what heat does to a person.


Haven�t heard from any of the JR supporters in awhile, guess they like what they hear on my site or they would be coming after me to try and stop me.Then again, they will have a hard time complaining about my personal rights being ignored, freedom of speech, that kind of stuff.He shouldn�t be looking at my site anyway, it is for my friends, not his, if they don�t like it, they don�t have to look.�� In other words, like Bush likes to say, WWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


7 August 2007

Another real hot day in good ole Burke County, we are in a heat wave without any relief in sight.This ought to make folks think about the global warming and the thoughts of transferring water from one dry river to another.We are blessed to be alive and well in these hard and dangerous times.We are totally spoiled by the luxuries we enjoy.


That is the name of the game though, be young, be foolish, and be happy.I have done just that with this website.Don�t think I will ever be accused of being grown up � as most say, I am just a dumb kid, won�t ever amount to nothin� in this world.Then again, maybe sarcasm is not a good thing, is it?


Posted another parody of the jerk jim and his website, check it out.


Glad the Sherriff department had a housecleaning at the jail that ought to keep the bad boys in line for awhile.Drove by the Richardson headquarters and noticed the door wide open but not much inside, just like his head, it was only full of hot air in that place.Want to find out what horse shit smells like on a hot day, visit his headquarters.


5 August 2007

Another hot day in Morganton, we could sure use the rain about now, and for about another two weeks, but not 30 days and nights please.The drought is getting worse daily and when you go around town and see who is watering laws it becomes evident who listens and who just doesn�t care.


Come by my place and see the brown grass spots, I haven�t watered all year, and it shows.I have let my yard go this year as I have had other priorities to deal with but maybe next year I will do better.Right now the only ones who should be watering is the gardens and maybe small church yards, but let�s see who conserves.


Guess that is not totally fair as some areas have actually been getting rain on a frequent basis but not enough to settle into the ground, just enough to make the grass grow at a faster rate.This weather is certainly not the same as when I was a kid, 40 years ago things were a lot different, and nicer.


If you take the Morganton News Herald, you would have noticed that today�s paper had an expensive advertisement by the guy who wants to run for mayor of this fine town of mine.Shows you where he will spend money, not on local charities or community events, he pays his friends off with this attempt to legally buy an election.What can I say, I think this man is a jerk and I have posted my own personal parody page of his advertisement.Click here to see the parody.


4 August 2007

What a warm day it is today, sun shining and clouds flying overhead at a quick pace.This morning I tried to log into the city of Morganton�s cable system only to find out it is not working right now.Because they are not working, the internet connection is not working either.This severely limits the connectivity of all the local residents to the outside world and puts a strain on them.


This is really bad as it is a Saturday and government folks who work in offices do not like to be bothered on a weekend.The 24 hour folks can relate to what I am saying, they are a different breed of people; they have a mission to fulfill.Funny how those of you who went with the BellSouth high speed have no problems at all, then again, that professional company would never allow their web to be down for very long.Boils down to priorities, who�s and how high.


The City of Morganton has no problem, the problem lies in who is running the Cable system, which includes the internet, and the system has a serious problem with down time.This person needs a course in setting priorities, where are the backup servers?Wonder if this will make the News Herald?


Doesn�t matter anymore, it is now 1220 and they are now back up and running.They were down for several hours.Because of the amount of time they were down, they should refund all customers of their service, maybe a free speed upgrade for a month.Maybe they will want to continue at the faster speed, if not, nothing lost.


31 July 2007

Can�t believe how many folks have been asking my opinion about the Mayor race here in Morganton.Some seem surprised about how I explain the fact that I think Jim A. Richardson is the biggest mistake that this community has made, he is not honorable and in my 20 years of military experience I can safely say his leadership skills are totally lacking.


Think about it, how many times has he ever talked to you in the past twenty five years?He only talks to those who have money or those who he wants something from.He is an arrogant leach in my opinion, sucking the state of NC dry of benefits, and now he wants to sell out the people of Morganton to give favors for a few rich folks.


Someone actually said this guy is running as a Republican in a non-partisan race.Is this a moron or what?I can already see his leadership style in action; he has spent a bunch of other folk�s money just to push his name around.He is good at spending money that is not his for his own comforts.


Here is the bottom line; I wouldn�t support Jim A. Richardson for Dog Catcher.His associates will be judged by their participation in this attempted coup, bought and paid for by whom?Check the stats on this website; the link is at the top of this page, notice that since I started talking about that jerk the stats have climbed dramatically.This month alone I have set many new record highs.


28 July 2007

Well, I haven�t heard from my special witch in the past two days, maybe she grew up?Maybe she should look at the TITLE BAR (top line) and notice that it says my opinions for my friends, and I really don�t think she is being very friendly.Bottom line, she is not welcome at my BLOG, look at the rest of the site, but this BLOG is for my friends.


Must say, I am surprised to see how many different people have visited my site and how many are reading this BLOG.Look at the monthly stats and you will notice the climb of the website.


More people want more choices, but they want choices they can trust, not money controlled puppets.The reader�s comments are another area that has picked up.Soon the Burke Politics section will have information posted in it.


Can�t believe how heated some of this political stuff gets folks.Posting my thoughts to the website relieves my stress but what do the other folks do?Writing your thoughts never hurt and if folks would send me theirs I would post them for the world to hear it.


Weather lately has been fame and famine.I have been to Oteen at least 8 times in the last two weeks, and getting home after 5PM makes for a long day.I keep reminding myself, it is for the VETS and they are worth it; every minute I volunteer is payback for the blessings I have received in life.


Does anyone out there think I should open an Anti-Jim Richardson office downtown near the city hall?Freedom of speech is a lovely thing sometimes.Living right in town also gives me a perfect advertising spot, next to a main artery coming through town.


26 July 2007

My..My..My� I think I hit someone�s nerve, calling my home and leaving the language you did on my phone, and to top it off with, you hid your caller ID.No big deal to me, call as often as you like and leave any message you think will make you feel better.And yes lady, I am a mother fornicator, I have been married over 30 years to the same wife and mother of my children, and we do have a very satisfactory love life.From the sounds of your voice, yours had shriveled up into a prune, probably like your face, and nobody wants it from you.


Got to say, having one�s own website sure relieves the stress of the controlling freaks who think they have all the answers.No matter what you say you know there will be a bunch reading it, the statistics prove that one out.


Such a gentleman that Mr. Jim Richardson wants himself to be viewed as but to associate with the dredges of Morganton and act as friend to the witch who keeps calling me and saying nasty things will not look favorable toward the jerk.How much volunteer time do you think he has under his belt?None, he was paid by the College when he didn�t need to show up to work but did show up for the animals.He is worthless in my book, certainly to most of the local towns folks.


This is a note to the ugly lady, I dare you to send an e-mail and I will post it in my readers section, unedited.I try to push truth, not the BS you are trying to sell.


25 July 2007

Just got my first hate call, they said I was a sad person and they wanted to give me the phone number to Broughton so I could sign myself in.Waaaaaaaa, I�m so sad that an ignorant little girl called and hung up before anything could be recommended to her.If this little witch/bitch with the funny voice wants to say something, write to my site and I will post it for the entire world to see, listen up little girl, no guts, no glory.


Guess this wide ass rich bitch didn�t like what I had said about an ignorant smelly retired state employee by the name of Jim A. Richardson.We don�t need this kind of sad trash in our community and I wish everyone within his personal cesspool would move out of this area and make the air cleaner without their stink.


As I said before, it has only begun and all the other trash talk against me will just reinforce my position.It is easy to fight for what is right and hard to cover-up all the unpleasant history associated with the jerks.


Lady, 678-367-0008 has now been locked out of my books, if you think you have a comment that anyone wants to hear, send it to this website and I will post it for everyone to see how you try to belittle and insult me.Tell ya right now, that is hard to do, besides, I don�t get mad, I get even, ask the others about me, maybe I do belong in Broughton, I was nuts to work for WPCC to start with.


23 July 2007

A lot of things happening in my life right now and it is going to be rearranging my priorities for awhile.Family is first and foremost; my Aunt is now in a nursing home and holding her own for the moment.Other projects are pushing; as well as a bad tenant I need to deal with, but life is going on.


Three candidates for Mayor of Morganton in this election, I wonder how many voters are going to show this year?I have already sent my wishes of bad luck for Jim A. Richardson.I believe he would be a bigger mistake than Bush turned out to be.I think he is a disgrace to Duke U. and to Wilkes County, and he is only concerned for what he can get for himself.A puppet is a puppet, no matter where he believes he is working, or in other words, a sellout is just that, not representational of the people.


Funny thing is, now that I have started with my anti-Richardson statements, think they will stop for awhile?Naw, I don�t think the others in this community will allow this kind of trash to be place in a position of authority without having some of their own comments.Good thing the money powers didn�t pick some Judge to try and run, hmmmm.


Folks have to realize, the internet is allowing more information to be distributed in a broader array of audiences and the word of mouth as well as the endless e-mail chains have put some information out to more that would have ever believed.Websites like daily Kos and You Tube have grown quickly; even this site is growing slowly, even more during election times.Check out the stats at the top of this BLOG.People do talk and they say what others really want to hear, the truth!


Who wants a man for mayor who has been a snob at the local community college?Who would want a man who only wants to attend dinner parties and have expensive trips overseas at taxpayers� expense?Who wants a self professed leader who has not demonstrated much leadership in 25 years of sucking tax payer dollars at the local state paid, locally appointed, political spot.Ask for the truth about who is paying for the campaign?


Some folks have to look harder to see what a real looser the man really is.You can check the stats on this site, see who has been visiting, do a reverse search to see who is doing what, check out the reader comments, they will be posted.Things will really start heating up the next 90 days or so.


13 July 2007

It has been awhile since I have been here.I have family that is in an End of Life cycle and it has been heartbreaking and exhausting.My Aunt is now at Frye Regional Medical center, she was transferred on the 4th of July from Grace.She has just recently decided to try dialysis, I am hoping it is not too late.


I have a teenage son, is that enough said?He is now 18 and will soon move to Wilmington to go to school, hopefully for 4-6 years.He is sharing an apartment with two other friends, this should be interesting when he comes home for visits.I bet he complains about how the others keep house or make up strange rules for them all to follow.


Every morning this week I have been up to Oteen taking veterans to their appointments.Every evening I am on my way to visit my Aunt in hospital, and that is wearing on me.Hopefully my Aunt will be transferred to a nursing home locally and the visits won�t be so hard.


Can�t believe the jerk Jim Richardson is running for Mayor, pushing his �Leadership� ability as an asset.He is the worst leader I have ever seen and after a twenty year career in the military I believe it gives me an edge at judging leadership.It is my belief that Jimmy boy wants to sell us out somehow and it will take that position to do it.


As time goes on, I will be sending an editorial letter explaining my reasoning.I happen to know that Jim Richardson was instrumental in passing on fabricated/false information to a federal agency.I also know for fact that he was under investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation concerning his position or the abuse of his position at the Community College.


Mel Cohen has taken care of the city of Morganton for over twenty years, and Jim Richardson does not come close to being the necessary type of leader that Mel has become.I certainly hope no more of my friends ask me to support Jim Richardson, as I know him to be without honor or dignity.Personally, I think he is a drunken adulterer.


27 June 2007

Wow, life has been hectic the last couple of weeks, took my son to UNC-Wilmington to sign up for fall classes and complete his orientation.Time for him to move to an apartment and go through the cycle of education for a few years, I know that is going to cost us a bundle but he is worth every cent.


My aunt is back in the hospital and that means daily visits.For the past two days I have been up to Oteen, one for a patient trip and the other was today�s hot dog festival for the veterans.I served Mustard, Ketchup, and Chili on the station I worked for about two and a half hours.Now my back is killing me but a day or two will straighten it up.


Hopefully time will pass soon and I will get back to my daily ramblings.I have finished a couple projects and some things are improving, still have a stack to get done.Weather has been strange of late; some places getting rain and other have none.Only a few miles apart and that much of a difference is strange.


15 June 2007

We finally got the much needed rain, but not enough for area, just enough to slow the drought.The wind and hail yesterday was just enough to help some of the local attorneys with some personal injury claims, meaning, several fender benders in the local area because of the weather.


Some crazy lady on a cell phone got me real intense because of her driving habits.I was sitting at the bottom of the hill next to the Children�s Park, waiting to make a left onto College street, and she came across and hit the �river� (big runoff of water) at high speed, enough to cover my vehicle completely in water.I don�t think she seen my special finger salute but she knew what she had done and was laughing when she did it.We do have some real winners around here, don�t we?


I have finally gotten all my children through high school and now I have to get the young one into college, hopefully.Kids today are not the same as my generation, we had a draft to contend with and most of us were caught up in the financial reality of not being able to afford college and the military had us.Wasn�t all bad, and some really needed the military, I was one of those.


5 June 2007

It has been a hazy day, warm but not too warm, a bit of sunshine and then a bit of overcast, what a day.On Sunday we had a nice small rain but no where enough to make up for our drought.Hope we get more soon or many folks are going to have a problem.


My Aunt is now home from hospital and many lessons were learned on this past visit, like to ask more questions, don�t assume anything logical, protocol needs work on hospital transfers.


My son is due to graduate from Freedom High School this Friday and then comes the big college days for him.By late fall, we will have an empty nest for awhile, or so we believe, the cat is still pretty damned demanding at times.


1 June 2007

Can�t believe how fast time is going sometimes, other times it just seems to drag on and on.The heat is not real pleasant to me but my wife loves it and can�t seem to get enough of it.My old skin does not do so well in the sun anymore, guess age is a way of saying it�s time to change the routines.


Here is the link for the monthly stats, see for yourself what this site has been doing.Don�t forget to look at the other months.Click on the full lists to see who is visiting.I set a record on number of visitors and also the number of hits has hit the five digit range and hopefully it is still climbing.From the amount of bandwidth I have used it indicates that quite a few folks are downloading the items on the site.


Oteen trips are dropping off a bit, seems like everyone is in the same date ranges now, lately it is only one or two trips a week, the five day a week trips really take a toll on a person, especially when I have to wake up before five in the morning.


As you have noticed, I have calmed down a bit from the hospital episode but I am not very happy with the way things happened, they take advantage of good people and they do not advise them of the whole story.After discharge I will be doing a bit of writing about the situation, but with the Blue Ridge Administrators and the State Medical Board as the action offices.Folks will understand I get upset with stupidity and incompetence.


Valdese hospital is working a bit harder with my Aunt now and she is showing signs of improvements and no more bouts with breathing because of excessive physical therapy.My Aunt is to the point it is difficult to do daily functions, a walk to the bathroom takes all the energy she has, a leisurely walk is just out of the question.It is not easy being a caretaker to two senior family members.


A lot of fires happening lately, with the drought getting worse it won�t be long before we start having real problems.The water transfer to Concord for their �essential� drinking water was granted to them and all of a sudden they have sufficient water now to open up a large water park for their area, stab in the back isn�t it?Take a small piece of advice from a crazy person, go and pee directly into the river, take a photo of it and send the Concord and Charlotte papers a picture and ask if their water tastes funny.


Oh yea, I forgot to tell you that it sucks getting real old, when we are young we look forward to the great times when we are old enough and now when we are really old enough we no longer have the health to enjoy the great times.We go from diapers, to big kids pants, to sports underwear, to baggy old people underwear, and then back to the diapers, what a circle of life.


30 May 2007

What a few hot days it has been.Monday morning my Aunt went into the hospital with congestive heart failure.It turns out that Grace Hospital was full so they went and moved her to Valdese Hospital.Bad thing is her regular doctor is not on staff in Valdese so the doctors at the Valdese hospital are the ones who need to treat her.


Only problem is the idiot doctor she is being seen by and who is working with her there has never went to see her history and in my opinion he has nearly killed her.What morons they have working in hospital administration say it is not protocol to contact a family physician when a patient of theirs is in another hospital.What idiots come up with these kinds of asinine rules of protocol, they all need to be sued until they end up under the damn hospital.Time to start paying their attorneys again.


I�m not done with this screw-up and I will make sure they never want to piss me off again with this kind of deception.I was misled to believe her treatment at Valdese would be equal to that of Grace, WRONG!Their doctors must all be morons as they can�t make phone calls to check on their patients� medical history.


Grace administrators are going to hear from me soon and they won�t like it.Oh well, I guess you can see I am kind of pissed right now, maybe a good nights sleep and a trip up to Oteen in the morning might change my mind.If not, this Friday will see several people ending up with a real bad weekend.


26 May 2007

Last couple of days have been catch up days for me, but I have been bad for not updating the Blog soon enough.I know many folks may not agree but I support the new war budget without the timetables.Let our military do the job it can, and make the area safe for future generations.


Last Monday I visited the VA Medical Center Clinic at Winston Salem, for the first time.My mother had an appointment at Baptist and two friends had appointments at the VA Clinic.Found a shortcut between the two and it didn�t slow us down very much.Still we left at seven thirty in the morning and got home about four thirty in the afternoon.Long day on the road and a long time waiting on appointments, can wear a person thin.


Last couple of days has been very warm for me; windows open at night and a fan trying to circulate some air.What a strange transition from winter to spring to summer, hope this is a new run for the plants, not so many bugs this year, or so I hear.


20 May 2007

Guess I shouldn�t always be telling folks how good Burke County and western North Carolina is or they may start moving to this spot and spoil things.Heck, it is the best place in the world to be, it is definitely Gods� Country in this neck of the woods.Unfortunately, in every Heaven there is a Hell and some of the politicians fit that bill, notice I didn�t say all of them.


I have been too busy for this boys' likens, and will be glad when I can get caught up a bit.Right now I am overdue for a computer call but what can I say, I�m waiting for the phone call, they too had plans for today.�� Have to do what we can, when we can.


Saturday was a trip to Hendersonville, south of Ashville, for my first ever monthly meeting of the Air Force Sergeants Association Ashville Chapter 363.I hope to make the yearly picnic when the time comes up.Saturday evening I went up to the Old Burke County Courthouse to listen to the Jazz music that the local High School put on.Not to mention, my son played rhythm on the bass guitar.Good crowd, successful fundraiser, not to mention a lot of the out‑of‑town passersby are slowing down to listen to the music.


15 May 2007

Another wonderful and blessed day in Burke County.The day started out a bit chilly but it warmed up very well.Several DAV members spent the day at Oteen playing BINGO with the residents of the Veterans Nursing home.I had the honor of calling the numbers and we have a couple dozen happy vets by the time we had finished and then they were served a snack by the DAV ladies auxiliary.


Yesterday�s trip up the mountain was equally as good, my rider had wonderful news that they did not have the disease they were suspected of having.It is fantastic to hear good news once in awhile instead of having to accept the reality of it not always being so great.Small blessings are sometimes overlooked in this world.


Was shocked to hear the excuse used when a politician�s hired worker is caught committing a felony, registering and voting when they are not a resident of the area.To even hear someone say it was politically motivated, duhhhhh, it was also against the law.What do you think of an attorney from Tennessee doing something this low?I hope this individual serves time and a full investigation is performed into the background of this individual and their associates.I believe it will make a big difference next time this person comes up for re-election.


12 May 2007

Ouch, it has been too long, what a week it has been.Today is catch‑up day for me, I forgot to put whatever I was scheduled for on my schedule and my memory is not quite what it used to be so I forgot what it was.That opens up my day to something else.Catch up with all the many, many things that I am behind on.Many projects to progress on that are long overdue.


Monday started out great with a trip to Oteen that didn�t start until ten in the morning.Tuesday and Wednesday the trips started at 0530, oh tooooo early, but those days make for a good breakfast of biscuit, eggs, taters, and gravy early in the morning at the cafeteria in the basement of the hospital.There are assorted vets everywhere, all in great spirits and all smiling for the most part.We all share a common bond and it brings out an especially strong ESPIRIT-DE-CORPS.


Thursday was a sleep catch‑up day and I didn�t wake up until after 2 in the afternoon, I was plumb tuckered out.My favorite son‑in‑law was visiting on Wednesday evening but I didn�t get back in until late so I missed most of his visit, he was gone early on Thursday.Then I went into rush mode and ran to deliver a canopy only to find out I was a week early.These senior moments are getting funnier all the time, ;~).


Friday turned into a family business day, trying to catch up on items that I�m behind on, and still I missed a biggie, but I take care of that on Monday when I get back from Oteen, I hope.


Know anyone wanting a commercial location with lower rent than they pay now?I can give a friend a very good opportunity to get in initially.1200 square feet ready to be made into anything, office space of any kind, retail space, just about anything short of a porn store.


Super Wal-Mart would have been a sign of growth in this community but too many narrow minded folks just couldn�t stand someone getting something they couldn�t catch a part of, meaning it didn�t put anything in their pockets.All their petty complaints were truly unjustified.We could have used those tax dollars it would have generated.


Security, what a joke, we have an outstanding law enforcement group in this community and they can handle anything, including a super center.Can�t compare our city to the ones where crime is high anyway.Poor excuse.


Too close to the school is another joke, who will want to go shopping when they know the traffic is going to be heavy?Besides, the school traffic is bad very early in the morning when shopping is a minimal and when school lets out; it is cleared up in about twenty to thirty minutes anyway.Poor excuse.


Traffic is a factor but it will be a factor anywhere, the normal store on highway 64 has major traffic problems now, it would not be any worse on 181.Burkemont Avenue by I‑40 now has problems that cannot be solved, or at least, all efforts made to date have been unsuccessful.We would adjust to it.I live less than a mile away from the location on the same road and it would not bother me.


Opportunity knocks and if you are not there to answer then you will NEVER get that opportunity again.It may have been the one that made your life great and prosperous but you will never know now.We needed the jobs it would have generated.The taxes this store would have generated for the city of Morganton was greatly needed.Too many narrow minded and non progressive folks with loud vocal cords mess things up, let�s have an election and see what this town really thinks.


News Herald is looking better and better every day now that the previous non local managers are gone and a local is running things.It is great they now let the local folks voice their opinions without being chopped up in their writings.Keep up the good work and the local information is getting better all the time.


2 May 2007

Another wonderful day in Burke County, I really believe that Gods� best work was done in Western North Carolina.Had a pleasant drive down to Charlotte to drop off my son at the airport for another one of his eye appointments in Miami.Get the joy of picking him up this evening.Poor guy is run ragged on days like today.


Sad to see today�s newspaper talking about the attack on our elected School Board member, and if something is done against her, it will be reflected in the next election with a complete sweep of the board, wait and see.Too many family members being protected from routine actions and exception to policy granted for those who do not deserve the exceptions.


The East Burke Assistant Coach diabolical will never come clean and the board will suffer for this cover-up.This incident was handled very poorly and someone will need to atone for the wrong doing.Let�s see what happens to the four slots that are coming up in the next election.My prediction is at least 2 will be replaced and the other two may also fall, who knows, we shall see, won�t we?


1 May 2007

Here is the link for the monthly stats, see for yourself what this site has been doing.Don�t forget to look at the other months.Click on the full lists to see who is visiting.There have been quite a few countries hitting the site as well as our federal government.I still know a few folks in the system and it is always great to see them looking at what I am up to.


28 April 2007

It has been a great day with an occasional gray cloud passing through but no rain during the day.I was out mowing the lawn this afternoon after a great sleep in this morning, actually, early afternoon.Watered the 24 new azaleas we had planted last weekend and they seem to be doing well.Time to get things done, right.


Wonder if the cold is gone for good now and we can expect more warm days?I know the days are going to be heating up as there is an election coming up and there is going to be a change in quite a few offices, which is assured.Yea, you can say you heard it here first, Dave�s prediction on the election, more than a 50% shift in policy deciders.


From the interstate it is hard to see the fire but it is burning well.Here are shots from Thursday afternoon:

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On Friday morning it was still burning but we couldn�t see it because of the fog in the morning but when we returned in the afternoon it was still burning but it moved quite a bit down the mountain.Rain helped but did not stop the fire, it is still smoking.

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Now what do you think of the pictures?Any good or worth seeing?


Many folks don�t realize that most of the silent majority of Americans support the war effort and don�t appreciate a time table to bring troops home.Sounds too much like the Vietnam war.Does America want this kind of shame placed on it in the history books?We started something, by gosh; we ought to finish it once and for all. Better we fight over there than over here in our back yards.I don�t support Bush but I do support our military and their mission to bring freedom and prosperity to all the people and end the terrorism in Iraq.


26 April 2007

It has been a pretty cloudy day with an occasional sun burst but it became very threatening in the late afternoon.Wonder if we will see any rain, we need it, the plants need it, and it will be great to wash the pollen from the air.


I have been wondering why no one has said much about the forest fire in the gorge near Tablerock.I took a few shots yesterday and today when I drove by it seems like it has grown a bit and moved further down into the gorge.When I make my trip tomorrow to Oteen I will look again to see what it has done and let folks know.


Tonight is the DAV monthly meeting and there is a lot of business we need to take care of.We will be sending Representative Patrick McHenry a message about H.R. 1318, which will reinstate the ban against attorneys representing Veterans to the VA for a fee up to 20% of the veterans� entitlements/pension.In my book only a coward would do that to a veteran but we shall see how far this issue goes.


Hope they catch the BOY who left the bomb threat at East Burke and put him in a lock up for doing such a cowardly and unforgiving act.People could have been hurt by this action, as well as the mass confusion it created in the Eastern part of the county, as well as the disruption in the entire school system, and the costs associated with event.


Has anyone else noticed the News Herald is doing much better in the editorial area?I am glad they are giving an outlet to those who live in the community.If not in the editorial pages then where?


25 April 2007

I have got to say that this morning has been a beautiful morning, sun shining, a slight breeze, and no clouds in the area.Keeping busy with a lot of Pith Ants biting harder and harder, little buggers are a real pain sometimes.The wife and I went to a volunteer awards banquet in Asheville this past Sunday at the Renaissance hotel.The meal and entertainment was outstanding and I was awarded with my 100 hour pin from Oteen Voluntary Services.


Can�t believe the School board is trying to attack Tracy Norman for her actions while on the board, but they are going to have a hard fight.Wait until this fall when the incumbents are all voted out for their actions.After what they did with the East Burke thief and then punishing the student for taking action, which is just plain wrong and the board members are going to pay the price.


Have two commercial rental locations in case you know anyone wanting to relocate their business to a great location in town, less than three blocks from the courthouse, either one, old or new.Who knows what is going into them?


I have an Oteen trip early in the morning so I may not make it back to BLOG in time.I have noticed the News Herald has changed the editorial section and we are starting to see more items in the editorial, outstanding, it doesn�t matter what they say, it is a sounding board for the locals and we like it.


Recently I went to a few military funerals and it brings back old memories when I was in charge of a burial team while assigned to Duluth International Airport, doing many funerals at Ft. Snelling, outside of Minneapolis/St. Paul, as well as many local ones.Some were more memorable than others but all were loaded with honor.I will miss my Disabled American Veteran friend, Eugene Parker, who I was able to visit regularly at his Oteen room during his one plus year stay at the veterans extended care nursing home.


By the way, if I haven�t said it before, I will say it now, AGE SUCKS!Yes, I will sure be glad when someone bright develops a cure for that dreadful disease.Have a great day folks.


21 April 2007

Wow, much has happened since the last update.I will try and do more frequent updates in the near future, they do take time and I have been very busy volunteering and helping out several friends.Retirement is harder than working in my situations; think I should consider going back to work somewhere just to relax.


Today I had 24 azaleas planted in my yard to try and put up a hedge by my trooper neighbor, his house is right up in my back yard and it does not look so good, nor does his modified home improvements on his house and roof.In another year I will no longer have to observe his mess.This is the same friendly person who threatened me with legal action if I didn�t remove trees from my yard.Waaaaaaaaa.


I had spoke to the superintendent concerning my son�s mistreatment and he will take action to correct this and ensure the offending individual will treat each student as an individual and not group them all together.His record will be cleared of this offending situation caused by just one misinformed or uninformed person.


Tomorrow is a big event in Asheville for the volunteers at the Oteen Medical facility, we will have a formal dinner and celebration of gifts of time, the most scarce commodity in a veteran facility.


6 April 2007

Here I am in Wilmington, NC, enjoying a visit with the grandbabies, real cold here but not a real big deal.The flowers here are now in bloom, with most trees and bushes already done with their budding period.The drive down on Thursday was just loaded with traffic and law enforcement officers everywhere.They were definitely busy, we saw quite a few speeders pay the ultimate price, and they were stopped.


Can�t believe what the Freedom High School has attempted to do to my son.One tardy and he received an out of school suspension, what kind of people are working there that drives away the students with bogus statements of rudeness and disrespect.No employee of the Burke County School System deserves a bit more respect that they show to each and every student.One bad apple does ruin the bunch and when the rest of the administration is attempting to cover up incompetence, there is a problem.Let us see how high we can escalate this problem with the public.I still haven�t heard from the very concerned SUPERINTENDENT!Maybe it is time for some major revisions in personnel and an elimination of the nepotisms in positions.


I have been in a very busy time of my world lately, with the purchase of property by my mother and aunt, taking care of the footwork associated with it, taxes, and not to mention the death of a friend.My friend, Eugene Parker, passed away on the 31st of March.I visited him the night before he passed, it was a freak incident, I was in Asheville for an Air Force Conference, after dinner everyone was returning to the hotel for social hour, and I detoured to Oteen to visit my friend.He was so happy to see me, even though it was so late.I was totally shocked when I heard he passed the next morning.We buried him in Newland on Tuesday next to his infant son and wife.I will miss that guy; I visited him frequently during the past year and developed a friendship that will last with me forever.


1 April 2007

Here is the link for the monthly stats, see for yourself what this site has been doing.Don�t forget to look at the other months.


24 March 2007

Can�t believe people do not believe in global warming, today is getting hot and it is only March, a cool spring month, but not anymore.It is a fantastic day, the Gem and Mineral show is going on at the Rec Center, Ball Games being played on both fields at the Gene Turner Park.


Received an e-mail with pictures of an American Tank, granted the tank has seen better days but it is amazing how far we can go to take care of our own.Check out this story and pictures here.


I have a busy life right now, grandbabies are here and all is well with my world.I have finished half of the real estate diabolical I am in and next week will complete the duties I have been aligned with.Hope I can find a good renter for the property in short order.


Memorial Day is coming at us quickly and the folks in downtown Morganton just don�t get it yet.They pissed off many, including this retired vet, when they forced the WWII memorial to the lime light and now the dumb jerks are doing it again.Why in the HELL are the non-vets making most of the decisions for Memorial Day?WWII was bad but then again, no war is ever good and to remember only one veteran group is disgusting and wrong.All vets should be honored on this day, not only one group.


Pass this on to the Marines, they are not the only vets either and it is sad they have such ego problems that they need to push their way to the front now.When will we veterans be united and work together instead of putting past stupid rivalries between the services back into the picture.It is sad that some have to knock others to push themselves to the front.No thanks, there is no honor in that and I won�t play.


20 March 2007

Another great day in Burke, a bit cloudy and cool but still an outstanding day.Pollen is growing but the freeze we had the last couple of days may have an effect on the pollen and plants, who knows.Have another trip up the mountain with a vet tomorrow so I will get to enjoy the new green starting to pop out everywhere.


Was interesting to see the statistics are showing this site growing and it seems to grow around the Blog, the military data, the McHenry data, and a bit of everything else.Good to see the growth, an average of twenty a day is hitting the site and that will grow too.


I have now been at this site for over two years; St. Paddy�s day is my anniversary.I did succeed in my goal with the site, it relieved my stress and it may have even been instrumental in removing a few of the assholes that were embedded at WPCC.One is a whore who I refer to as Cindy Calloway, an educated idiot who is hated by most, and who will never achieve anything meaningful in life, she is a liar, a sellout, and a bitch in my book.Richard Greene is the only other asshole who stinks more that Cindy, and he will never be anything in life but a smelly sick bastard, who has no one to love him.


14 March 2007

Another nice day in Burke, the pollen count must be sky rocketing because this morning I seen a bunch of new green leaves and the Bradford pears are all starting to pop.Can not believe the temperature but you know what they say about March, watch out.


I�m having a rough emotional day, I just signed the papers to sell off some old family property out of state, and it is where I grew up during my summers as a child.A heck of a lot of great memories there, learned a lot of life lessons there, and it gave me time with my grandparents, something that is not done enough anymore.


How do I tell folks kindly that I support the war effort and I support the Commander in Chief and I will not do a thing to try and end the war early and bring the troops home in disgrace for losing the war.Where is the American backbone of yesteryear?


Oh yea, I really don�t like President Bush or his policies.I worry that the war will be the biggest obstacle in the next election and hindsight will show we aren�t very bright sometimes.Watch the divide grow violent in the coming months.


Today and tomorrow I was given a break from the Oteen run, have other appointments keeping me pretty busy.I will be back up in Asheville all day on Friday to recertify my DAV Service Officer certification for another year.I have a feeling it will be a crowded and long training course, but it will be in Asheville, which was once in Burke County, so they too qualify as part of God�s Country, a great place to be.


12 March 2007

Another wonderful day in Burke County, a little cool but great just the same.Saw some bees trying to hit the tree before it has even popped the buds.It is getting real close for all the plants to burst, the pollen count is already growing fast.In Hickory I saw a few dogwoods popped already, it is coming quick.


The DAV van drove every day last week and it will be going on several this week.Today was the first day we didn�t go in awhile.I go in the morning and then come back to sign a bunch of legal papers, then it�s off for Charlotte to attend the CITPG meeting, if you want to join us then go to my main page and go to the CITPG link.


7 March 2007

What a wonderful day we have had today, can�t believe the spring is sprung and starting to pop everywhere, buds that is.Found out the easy way to get a good parking space at Oteen, get there at 0630 in the morning, don�t forget the first letter in front of the six is the letter �Oh� for Oh my gosh, it is too early.Left the house at 0430 and got home at one thirty.Great time for a nap.


The Walter Reed situation is upsetting the veterans of previous periods because we should not allow our children and heroes to receive this kind of treatment from their home country.Walter Reed needs to reorganize and send these military injured directly to their local VA facility and let people who care to take care of them.Do not pressure them in a military environment where they need to hold their own, it is not necessary to punish them this way.Their war should now be over, not continued with the DoD.


6 March 2007

Another beautiful and sunny day in Burke County!Today was a run up to Oteen with a couple of vets and tomorrow will have a very long day up the mountain.I leave home at 4:30 in the morning to pickup three vets in different parts of the county and get them there before 6:30 AM.One vet is scheduled for surgery and we need to be there for them.Guess you can say that they are my people and I will do what I can to assist.


The politicians in our local community better watch out, folks are more informed and they are going to start holding our elected officials accountable for their actions and votes and the wrong vote will no longer be overlooked.I glad we have a couple of folks on the board who care more about the kids than the politics.


3 March 2007

Another great day in Burke County, I hope there aren�t a lot of folks who discover the golden goodness in this community and area of the world.Sunny but a bit cool this morning at the Glen Alpine ground breaking for their Veterans Memorial, dedicated to all the veterans of the United States of America, not just one small group of vets.


I am slowly getting caught up on things from the holidays and in about another month or two all my stresses should be reduced dramatically.In the next couple of weeks I need to liquidate some real estate holdings and procure some replacements quickly.Happy, happy, joy, joy, at least I have helpful classmates.


Hope my friends who are on their first cruise are enjoying the daylights out of it.Maybe on our next class reunion we can consider taking a cruise for awhile.Who knows?


1 March 2007

Here is the link for the monthly stats, see for yourself what this site has been doing.Don�t forget to look at the other months.


26 February 2007

It is a cool but sunny Monday morning in beautiful Burke, another of Gods� gifts to us undeserving sheep.Finally starting to see the light at the end of the long and winding tunnel, bet you it�s another train.;-).Been too many unpleasant things happening lately, it is now time to turn that around and make things better again, spring is on the way.


Tomorrow will be a long trip to the VA for a few of us, me included, my semi-annual checkup, wonder how that one will fair.I need to leave before 6AM to get everyone there before 7AM.Warning: don�t think about retiring unless you are in good health and ready to bust your butt, TT4N.


22 February 2007

Wow, again I have just been too busy to do much, not to mention, it has been an emotional rollercoaster that I have had to deal with and sometimes that is just not too easy.Oh well, we will survive the ordeals and persevere, somehow, maybe, what the heck, let�s just wait and see.


To a few of you, �The loan in IL has been approved� and things are progressing on that front.Completion should be in about two weeks on that end, and several weeks on this end.This is one of the major things keeping me busy.


Sorry about the personal note there, but many of the people who know me probably knows what that means, if you really are wondering, write me and I will tell you what it is about.


Today is kind of a catchup day, catch up on many of the past due tasks and reprioritize the stack and knock out some items, hopefully.


13 February 2007

Time is going by too quickly and too much is happening at once.It seems like a bunch of computers have dropped dead the last few days and I don�t understand why.Very unusual error messages, my initial thought is because it was so dry this past week, a lot of personal static has built up and zapped the chips enough to make the systems crash.


Some repairs are more successful than others but all are challenging.Here is a reminder to everyone in the world.DO REGULAR BACKUPS OF CRITICAL AND PERSONAL DATA!This is the one thing that will give you peace of mind, don�t gamble on things always going right.


I am going to miss the CITPG meeting today because of health issues, don�t need to work around food with the bug.Bet you tonight was going to be a big winner night, but I did volunteer to speak on WORD next month, wonder if he will take me seriously.


I have been to Oteen quite a bit lately, the last four days of last week and two days already this week. It does feel good to be helping out so many great veterans, and being able to enjoy the beauty of North Carolinas scenery.


2 February 2007

What a wild couple of weeks it has been, I don't seem to be getting much rest but as they say, no rest for the wicked. Weather has been really pretty nice considering the time of the year. My camellia plant is blooming. That's okay, it is what the good lord wants us to have, is it not?


Too many choices in life sometimes and how do we know that we are making the right choices? Only time will judge our actions and hindsight is easy to comment on but foresight is the only skill we can rely on as the decision must be made based on the available information and a lot of prayer.


Last week we had to put one of our two 14 year old cats down and it was pretty hard on the family but we are adjusting. As most should know, some pets are just like family and it hurts when they leave us. The vets were great with sending sympathy cards, signed by the entire staff. To those who have never had a pet, life can be pretty lonely sometimes and a pet will not judge you for what you do or say in life.


1 February 2007

Here is the link for the monthly stats, see for yourself what this site has been doing. Don't forget to look at the other months. 400 East Union, Hmmmmmmmmmmm.  


23 January 2007

Wow, only a couple of days since the last update. Some things are coming together, others are driving me nuts. No guarantees with life, is there? Weather today is pretty nice, a lot of clouds but the temp is in the mid forty's.


Politics are starting to heat up with both parties attempting to outdo the other with strategy, but they better watch out as it seems to backfire most of the time. What happened to the open and honest way of dealing with the people, let us see the real person, not the media version only.


Have a drive to Oteen on the next two mornings and errands piled up when I return home, some already past due on their schedules. Don't ever look forward to retirement, it is not all it is cracked up to be, it is actually more work, and less pay too.


21 January 2007

The time shall come when I can get back to my daily postings but I just have a lot of stuff that is happening right now and my time is limited on a lot of things. My Aunt may be coming home this coming week from the nursing home.  


I need to see an Attorney or two about many things now happening, got to jump when opportunity knocks and priorities must change or there may be repercussions that won't be any fun at all. Contrary to popular belief, responsibilities sucks big marshmallows, it makes you do things you don't always want to do. 


Weather today is pretty bad and many of today's plans have been cancelled. Still have a ton of stuff to get caught up on but only one step at a time, need to reduce the stress. 


Hope any who read this Blog is having a great year so far. I never seem to get any feedback on this spot so I really don't know who checks it but the numbers say that there are some who check it daily.  


I will try and improve on the postings once things get caught up. Never give up, keep on pressing them to the limits, and do what you can. To those whom I am so far behind with I send my apologies, I will try to do better soon.


11 January 2007

Can't believe it has been this long since I have written in the Blog. Have had a lot happening the past few weeks. I have an Aunt in a nursing home, I try to visit daily but it depends on my schedule, I drive vets to Oteen on a regular basis, family matters to take care of, as well as dealing with my son's blindness or hopefully lack thereof if things go well, he has another Miami appointment next Thursday. Still very cloudy but he can see spots of light better than before.


The world seems to be going to heck in a hand basket sometimes, the war in Iraq will escalate, there will be more injuries and deaths, but we really can not afford to not be successful in Iraq, no matter how that will work out but I don't agree on cutting and running, just better strategy, more checkpoints, and more resources if needed.  


Memory seems to be playing more tricks on me; those damned senior moments are a real pain sometimes. Know what it is like getting ready to run an errand, set the alarm, lock the house, get in the car and drive to the edge of the driveway, and then forget which way to go as you already forgot what you were going to do? I drive around the block a lot lately, duhh, yea, I went the wrong way.


I cannot believe how many people have gotten the stomach flu lately, it has been running rampant in the area, the nursing home had a notice up about it, I heard it mentioned at Oteen by staff, and the kids all seem to have picked it up too. Hope you didn't get it and if you did, drink plenty of liquids, and I wish you good luck, hope you have plenty of the soft and absorbent toilet paper available.


1 January 2007

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