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Gotta Deal


Airline Websites and 800 Numbers

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Want to take a cruise anywhere in the world, check out Barrier Cruises for the opportunity of a lifetime.  Don’t be a tortoise in a shell get out and see the world.

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Need computer assistance?  Try

Doug’s Electronics

Big store quality – small store prices.

New – Refurbished – Custom Built – Repair



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Is your pet a member of your family?

Would you not get your child an annual physical to ensure no growth problems?

Would you not get your child the necessary shots to protect their lives?

What is your pet worth? 

How much do you love your pet?

Let them show you how much they care about your loved ones.

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Ever been to an indoor auction house?

Check out what is up in the next auction in Marion



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Getting a Human on the Phone

Gethuman.com offers useful index of ways to bypass automated agents at hundreds of companies

There is a remarkable new blog, www.gethuman.com -- set up by Kayak.com founder and CTO Paul English and staffed by several volunteers -- that provides one of the most beneficial services any customer could ask for in an age of automated call centers.  Gethuman.com offers a growing database of ways to reach human representatives at call centers.  Below is the current list of ways to reach 398 prominent U.S. companies.  The list isn't organized alphabetically but by vertical, so you can do a Ctrl-F search to find a particular company.  If you have companies to add to this list or want to check for updates, surf over to Gethuman.com and contribute.  –Editor


Click here to see the list of companies

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