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Unlike the thick inner volume of the pear head, this cheap hair extensions gives a feeling of warmth and beauty. When trimming, pay attention to the tail of the real hair extensions must be cut from high to low level, roll up and send it to have this effect. This hair style can be brushed out by a hair extensions dryer and a reel, and it is also possible to use no special hot.

A dedication by his daughter Becky


I?pan class=SpellE>gonna miss you Ted.


Ted?st update before health did not enable him to continue on the computer.

June 17, 2005



I am Ted Calloway from Valdese, North Carolina.  I have been in radio broadcasting, most of it in Burke County, over the past 40 years.?span>I want to share with you just what God has done for me and use it as a word of encouragement when you are facing the storms of life.


September 29th, 2005 will mark the third anniversary of my losing my wife and her mother in an automobile accident in which I was driving. With this, I also want to stress how important it is to be an organ donor. My wife had received a kidney transplant eight months before the accident and it made a lot of difference in her life.


I have been a member of East Valdese Baptist Church for about five years and have had the opportunity to share my testimony with many people including missionaries and their parishioners in other countries. God has been so good to me and blessed me many times.


If I can include you on my email prayer request line, contact me at (not working). You can see many of my prayer requests on the ?ref="BLOG/PRAYER.htm">Prayer Request on the website


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My Wish for you: span>Whispers


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