Dear Fellow Americans,                                                                                         July 4, 2008


The end of the American Republic, the great experiment of individual Freedom, is being forced upon us.


I apologize for lack of brevity but overwhelming concern for the survival of our Freedom demands the scope of this letter.  I view this as an effort to stand by my oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic despite a chilling lack of definition for what constitutes a domestic enemy.


It is very true our current Presidential election is historic and about change.


However, the change we require is an historic return to the founding principles of this great Nation.


Statism versus Freedom.


The issues will always be the issues.  Government, mired in the prostitution of politics, has rarely exhibited the ability to stand on our founding principles in pursuit of common goals let alone fix anything.


There is never a time in the schizophrenic world of statist politics when the economy is healthy, or less government is better government, or pandering for votes is less important than the Nation, or not spending the peoples’ money reflects our principles.  Politicians are elected far more often by alleging failure than from principled ideas.


The founding principles of our Nation are profoundly more important than issues and disavowing our principles creates more pervasive and successful attacks on our Freedom.  What will we become without our Freedom?


"RED" has become a word to describe statists.  We used it to describe the Soviet communists, the Red Chinese, and even the English Red Coats who, as you may have heard, we threw out in a revolution.  It best fits the statist politics of persons running the current Democratic Party and now a growing number of those who call themselves Republican.  I suppose calling Republican majority states "RED" is not that inaccurate?


Has our love of Freedom weakened?  The statists (e.g. communists, socialists, monarchists, dictators) in this country are no longer in the closet.  They believe there is little fire in our belly or love in our hearts for Freedom.  The statists believe we no longer have the will to resist them.


They may be correct.  How could it be possible the so called center of our political belief system has moved so far toward statism we could see Caesar, Lenin, Mao, Hussein, Mussolini, Castro, etc. as Presidential front runners?


Did the Soviet Communists actually win the Cold War?


The pure statist nature of the power hungry Senator Clinton, the snake oil salesman of political revenge who is Senator Obama, and the old legionnaire turned populist Senator McCain, must give us pause.


Who is running on the American ticket?  Bob Barr the Libertarian?


I marvel at our ability to cloud our march to tyranny with promises of prosperity without labor and for free.  Desires are not rights but they have certainly been made so by vote hungry politicians.  It certainly is coming to pass that voting for money is the fastest path to the end of the Republic and Freedom.  Taxing the prosperous and borrowing from the Chinese to buy votes were certainly not founding principles.


We need statesmen not a change in, or a new, political party.  Political parties are full of politicians.


What does progressive mean?  Everything progresses.  What the progression leads to is the important thing.  Barack/Barry Obama talks of nothing but change.  Change to what?  Why are we not questioning this obscure platitude?  We can support a man for President who has miraculously visited 57 out of 50 states?  We can support a man who includes hate in his religious practices?  Why do we even have a rumor about involvement with internal terrorists by a Presidential Candidate?  What is the change we can believe in?


What does liberal mean?  Hillary Clinton cries, literally, about taking back our country.  Her political positions make this more a plea to allow her to take over the country.  Her name is not Lenin or Chavez but she is just as determined to nationalize America.  Representative Waters helped make this agenda very clear.


What does conservative mean?  Conserving bad ideas is just as faulty as progressing toward bad ideas.  John McCain has had, and continues to have, his share of bad ideas.  Indoctrinated?  He voted to confirm Justice Ginsburg who has trouble with the Constitutional phrase “We the People” and now we are to believe he is like the Founders?  The statist Court McCain helped form has done severe damage to our Constitution and our Freedom.


How about taking back our country by changing back into America?


We are in a civil war.  We are in a war for the soul of this great but faltering Nation.  We are in a war between the statists and those who hold the vision of our Founding Fathers.


We might remember the English Christian men and women, within the 13 English colonies, who desired liberty from the English King?  Do we remember those who crafted a Constitution for what used to be the United States?


I apologize.  I forgot our schools have great difficulty teaching reading let alone our founding principles.  Many hold an educated population hinders statism and the march to tyranny.  It appears statists have abducted our education system and are twisting education into indoctrination.  Embracing national guilt, statist ideology, creating acceptance of behaviors that make Sodom and Gomorrah boring, and Government manipulation of the common good is now preferred curriculum.


A rather subtle but profound indication of our statist indoctrination came when those in presidential debate raised their hands like good little children in answer to the manufactured role of man in the Earth’s cyclical climate.


There is no denying our failings but how can it be better to embrace guilt, self destruction, and bondage, than forge ahead under the principles of Freedom established in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution?


Although, just like the statists of today, we cannot and should not dismiss many people during our birth also preferred the tyranny of a King.


Statism versus Freedom.


I do not believe many politicians are ignorant of our bloody rebuke of statism.  I do believe many embrace statism to enable their own enrichment and power.


Sadly, being American in America today is as unpopular as our revolution was to the loyalists.


What truly amazes me is how many Americans have bought into self loathing and bondage.


Many appear to be easily hypnotized by personal attraction, smooth talk, labels, ridiculous slogans, weird science, and false proclamations of common good.  Many crave idols and cling to images before truth.


I am not trying to be mean spirited or ignore the culture of corruption.


What does America believe?


It does appear one indoctrinated belief is that embracing a common culture is synonymous with racism.


Culture, core values, define a people and contains the power to unify or divide.  While we are apparently suffering from multiple personality disorder racism certainly is not at the core of our malady.


Do we have a culture?  Why are we such cowards even when speaking of an American culture let alone defending having one at all?


Why are many in America seemingly prouder of a non-American heritage?  Why do many desire to create an America in the image of a place they either deserted or have never even seen?  Like many marriages today America is the second name in a hyphenated identity.  We are all presumed to be Something-American.  The exception of course is the American-Indian and it could be surmised he wants nothing to do with being a neo-American.  It drives people crazy when I respond "I am an American.”  They are seemingly incapable of accepting or understanding anyone can just be an American.


We need change.  We need to embrace being Americans.  Survival of our Freedom demands we not chose to be hostile, fragmented, unrelated foreigners who are helpless losers dependent on the State.  We remember the home of the free and land of the brave?  Do not tread on me?  Unite or die?  Give me liberty or give me death?


Diversity?  If diversity were a unifying principle we would not have Indian reservations.


The idea of diversity in America is a political tool for creation of power.  The mantra of diversity is “come in and vote for me and everything except your life can be free.”


We should be embracing "Unity with Respect.”  Maybe then we could grow together as Americans.  The American Indian may then have cause to finally close those reservations.  Right now their mantra is “stay on the Res.”


We may then also rid ourselves of the ridiculous idea that all cultural ideas are good.  Shari Law and cannibalism are certainly culturally diverse but decidedly not American.




We cannot eliminate discrimination because it is not possible to do so.  Discrimination is part of the human condition.  Everything we choose is based on our desires and beliefs.  What we have failed to do as a people is foster unity through individual responsibility, equality under the law, and retention of core values and principles.


Discrimination can be malignant when it results in harm or divides.  Affording special privilege can become harmful and divisive discrimination.  Affirmative action has become harmful and divisive discrimination.  The media personality, Geraldo Rivera, provides us an example of harmful and divisive discrimination.  He wrote a book about America being xenophobic regarding illegal migrants when the real issues are respect for American sovereignty, law, security, and unity.


America is xenophobic?  How can hyphenated Americans be xenophobic?  Who is xenophobic our Irish-Americans, our Italian-Americans, our Japanese-Americans, our French-Americans, our Spanish-Americans, our Korean-Americans, our Kenyan-Americans, our Ethiopian-Americans, our Egyptian Americans, our Chinese Americans, and on, and on, and on…?  Although I admit the American Indian might deserve a little xenophobia.


Currently we practice divisive discrimination by pandering to the Spanish speaking voting bloc.  We divide by discriminating against every non-Spanish speaking person.  How does this unify our Nation?  We need a cultural core to include a language to help remain a unified nation.  If it is to be Spanish so be it.  However, Chinese might be a better choice since we are already recognizing them as the next supreme economic power.


The reasons for a single language are universal and undeniable.  Reasons include equal protection under the law, business, and simple daily discourse among the citizenry.  The global business community and organizations such as the International Civil Aeronautics Organization (ICAO) understand this universal concept.  If we can't choose a language we will need to use them all - or continue to destroy our unity.


What is wrong with wanting unity and freedom?


The melting pot was a much better idea.  The salad bowl is rotting.


Slavery and illegal immigration are two stains on our soul.


It is too simplistic to state we built this country from illegal immigration to justify more illegal immigration.  It hides the fact we replaced a population and destroyed entire cultures under the banner of Manifest Destiny.


If we are not diligent we will be the ones replaced.


It may be true our Revolution could have failed by not uniting all of the Colonies.  However, it is certain we failed by not eliminating slavery when freeing ourselves, the first time, from statism.


Why then after so much strife are we engaging in slavery and illegal immigration again?  Do we embrace them and our divisiveness because we are returning to statism?


How can we support a Government created ability to be needy as justification to end our Freedom?


The Government creates false needs, such as the minimum wage, to garner votes.  The reality is the minimum wage is the wage at which Americans are no longer allowed to work.  We import slave labor instead.


Many illegal immigrants seem to demonstrate more American values than many modern Americans.  I do not speak to their willingness to break the law and disregard our sovereignty even though it emulates the behavior of our own Government.  What I speak of is their willingness to die crossing oceans and deserts to better their lives.  Many have strong family ties and many believe in a higher power.  Many are superior to the Senator McCain described Americans who would rather have Government force their neighbor to provide for them than to work.


However, applying political sainthood to illegal immigrants cannot justify breaking the law, disregarding our sovereignty, amnesty, or abrogation of the costs of Freedom.


Citizenship?  Since a prime purpose of the 14th Amendment was to afford citizenship to the emancipated slaves and did not include the American Indian it certainly was not intended to allow citizenship for anyone born in the United States.  Subject to the jurisdiction is not the same as within a jurisdiction.  When you are subject to a jurisdiction it implies a relationship.  When you are within a jurisdiction it implies location.  The abrogation of relationship in acknowledged jurisdiction by both parties in the 14th Amendment weakens our sovereignty and the value of citizenship.  Why not just cede our sovereignty and declare citizenship for the world population?  Could that be any more ridiculous than our current misguided policy?


Has our current drive toward statism shown we cannot choose to have a culture based on the principles of liberty and the foundations of our Constitution?


I for one hope not.


Prosperity for all should mean promoting opportunity for each person to achieve.  It certainly should not be an expectation to live off the labor of a neighbor.  A great facet of charity is not to be an unnecessary burden on your neighbor.  The acceptance of one’s own burden helps all of us recognize need and fosters the act of charity.  The state’s desire to garnish power through redistribution of wealth has negatively impacted self worth, charity, and the ability of Us the People to reach for the lofty goal of prosperity for all.


In spite of the interference from the central government Americans are still, for the most part, charitable.  We still have a tendency to rebuild our neighbor’s barn when fire strikes.  This charitable nature has nothing to do with bailing out criminals or enabling poor choices.  Recently it was savings and loans and now insane mortgages.  Why are we not talking about criminal sanctions instead of bailouts?  I see nothing in the nature of our Constitution giving Government the role of enabler for self destructive behavior.


We now have a government created universal donor class and a universal recipient class.


This is not America.


Defeatist programs such as Social Security are apparently too politically ingrained to be shelved.  We should at least temper the failure by changing the focus.  Just renaming Social Security, which is neither social nor secure, to the Federal Supplemental Retirement Fund, may lead people to understand they need to do something for themselves.  A successful government approach might then be the creation of an environment to encourage people to save for themselves so they might survive when the fund collapses.


How more socialized can we make medical care without destroying it or further bankrupting the nation?  While having some control over the quality of life the ability to stay alive is at 0%.  Medical providers lose 100% of their patients – including themselves.  Besides more power for the central government what is the goal of socialized medicine and are there enough resources on the planet?  How much money can we borrow from the Chinese?


Welfare, which promotes and extends failure, must be rejected.  The massive funding for this failure should be placed into Federal and State Employment Agencies.  Agencies designed to teach and aid people to escape poverty not a program to keep them alive in poverty.


Statism versus Freedom.


Americans, our politicians, in addition to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, should read such articles as the Seven Principles of Liberty by J. David Goody.  They might learn how deeply the founding fathers understood the incompatibility of statism and Freedom.


People live the Constitution is constant.  It forms our foundation as a statement of principle.  We the People, and not any temporary political appointee court, decide when to amend the statement of our principles.  We need judges who do not barter away Constitutional principles and leave the amending to We the People.


Freedom of Speech is a Constitutional right.


Political correctness is how people lie to each other about reality in order to make someone feel good or promote an agenda.  It is the American version of groupthink and is part of the current tyranny.


There is no such thing as a right not to be offended.


Do we remove the crosses and other religious symbols from Arlington Cemetery?  The establishment of religion clause was meant to keep us from a taxing Church of America not from God.  We should be defending those who wish to say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Ramadan, and "I believe in nothing.”  This is a proper application of freedom of religion.  Prohibiting is tyranny and, by the way, not Constitutional.


Equal protection under the law cannot be used to justify special rights for political expediency.


Hate crime?  Is not crime a form of hate?


If we never had a rogue Supreme Court we have one now.  The statist decisions made against the principles of a free people are becoming more common.  Where are the checks and balances?  Where is the Constitution?


We need a new amendment to counter the court’s statist decision regarding expansion of power through eminent domain.  There is essentially no private property, except possibly Indian reservations, in the United States.  If we do not reverse this statist trend what happened to private property will happen to our people.  The next interpretation of eminent domain very well might include public use ownership of the people.


What did happen to We the People?  When did States Rights come to mean the Right of the State?


The statist court in a partisan political move just overturned a unanimous precedent regarding detention of enemy combatants.  If I were Commander and Chief I would recognize the unanimous precedent and majority of votes (i.e. 13 to 5).  Should we now presume there are no longer sanctity of precedent in the protection/shredding of our Constitution?


The Second Amendment?  Certainly the idea of a well regulated Militia was included, since the militia helped win the revolution, but it is the idea of an armed populace defending itself from tyranny that cemented the idea.  I for one will not go to an American made Gulag without a fight.  The D.C. Council can go anytime they want.


The Supreme Court fails again by ruling EPA regulation of CO2.  Unfortunately, life on this planet is carbon based and a necessary part of our ecosystem is CO2.  How do we green up the planet without CO2?  Did anyone mention water vapor, included in respiration, as a greenhouse component?  Does this mean no hydrogen fuel?


After we remove the C02 producing machines do we then turn to removing C02 producing life?


Do we not have just as much evidence the planet is cooling off?  We need scientific fact and not political consensus.  The last consensus had the world as being flat.  I believe we finally proved the world is not flat?


Since the truth of the climate debate is once again expansion of government, and profiteering, proof of human control of the climate is not necessary or even desired by those who stand to profit.  The most honest comment I have heard is from the President of Bolivia.  He believes we need to end capitalism to save the world.


Does the ranting and raving about CO2 by another snake oil salesman and profiteer, Al Gore, actually postulate the population limit?  There is no doubt overpopulation is our universal problem.  There certainly can come a day when our numbers demand we sit in our filth with not enough water, food, or energy.  What is that number?


Will abortion become a Government choice?  Will families need carbon credits to have children?  Will Mother Nature decide there will be no more children?  Who needs saving the planet or mankind?


Is overpopulation a reason why have we deserted the basic building block of society - family?


We are so obsessed with sexual gratification we confuse it with procreation and a foundation for family?


We have the parts we have for procreation.  The fact we like to play with them, and have developed nearly an inexhaustible number of ways to do so, should not confuse the reason for their existence - creating life.  When has a male ever impregnated a male or a female impregnated a female, or a goat, a chicken, a sheep, a rubber doll, vibrator, or whatever else people choose to play with or play at?  The societal laws and institutions regarding family, marriage, inheritance, incest all stem from this fact of nature.  What the sexual preference issue is really about is expanding accepted gratification practices - and votes.  When a man impregnates a man or a woman a woman sexual reproductive preference can be conceded.


We need to reaffirm the God given Right to Life acknowledged in our Constitution.  It does not take a religious interpretation to understand that each fertilized egg is unique.  The genetic code never existed before and it will never exist again.  We place great value on objects that are rare.  It is unbelievable to me that we would value life less.  This is very dangerous to civilization.  Of course there are exceptions when ending a life becomes a choice.  It is the prevalent attitude which demonstrates our values.


Choice is not a right it is a necessity.  What we choose is important.


Choose term limits.


Experience equals wisdom or replaces principle?  Who says one must be in Congress, or on the Supreme Court, or be a Congressional staffer for life to be effective?


Term limits are obviously unacceptable to career politicians but may be the only thing left to We the People to even have the hope to remain as our Founding Fathers envisioned our existence.  Political office and even the Supreme Court were not meant to be a way of life but as important and as imposing as jury duty.  Crushing reelection politics, the influence of lobbyists, and party politics would do much to eliminate the stench in


Washington.  Sadly, We the People would have to force this.


It would be a great thing if qualifications, military service, even a Constitutional and civics exam, could be established for office.  Ballot selection from qualified candidates could be done by State lottery.  It should be a duty to serve.  Those elected to the legislature and deemed most qualified would be considered for committee and leadership posts.  The tours would be limited and a percentage turnover would be established.  Americans, like the Founders, serving their country.  It was never intended we form our own aristocracy or politburo.


If politicians need a measure for success they should spend the next 100 years getting rid of bad law instead of trying to show competence by creating more bad law.


Globalism?  Who is going to be in charge?  The U.N.?  Who in their right mind would support expansion of U.N. power over U.S. sovereignty?  The U.N. would gleefully participate in ending our Freedom.


Can there be a doubt we are in a world war and a civil war?


Maybe we should bring the troops home.  If the nation is to be destroyed from within why should they die abroad?


Why are we surprised Iraq and the World questions the pleas for democracy from a near dead Republic?


Do you think they are learning anything good about being a representative republic or a democracy?  Look at our recent Presidential primary races.  Is government for the people or in spite of the people?


Is anyone in the world fighting a revolution to become like U.S.?  No?  Is this because of who we were or what we are becoming?


There are certainly many revolutions in the world changing the type of statist regime to be imposed.


How amazing is it we can be lectured about Freedom from the President of Georgia?


Nicolas Sarkosy for President!  His words demonstrated he understands who we were meant to be.  Maybe the French can come to our defense once again?


Where are George, Thomas, John, Benjamin, and the rest when we need them the most?  There is little doubt in my mind that if we could get the Founding Fathers back they would immediately form a new Continental Army.  They would not know communism but they could smell the growing stench of tyranny.


“The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.  It is its natural manure.”


Statism versus Freedom.


Is America a Free Nation or not?


We are either the United States of America (USA) or the Union of Socialist States of America (USSA).


It is time to choose.  God help U.S. if we allow politicians to get it wrong.


So what will it be?  Hail Caesar or God Bless America?





Keith D. Castan

Manassas, VA






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