Poor Leadership Example


Let’s take a look at some points from a report in which Jim A. Richardson has the responsibility but is very weak in the performance with his team.  The state kept mentioning the term “significant weakness” in many areas of the inspection of WPCC.  “Sensitive nature of the condition” sure would be a RED FLAG to anyone in management.


Could this have been one of the reasons the Board allowed him to retire?  So many lawsuits and questionable inspections can only last so long.  At least they picked a much more honorable man with their current president.



2004 Audit Report states:


We found a significant weakness in systems software maintenance.  Due to the sensitive nature of the condition found, we have conveyed this finding to management in a separate letter pursuant to the provision of North Carolina General Statute 147-64.6(c)(18).


We found several significant weaknesses in access controls. Due to the sensitive nature of the conditions found, we have conveyed these findings to management in a separate letter pursuant to the provision of North Carolina General Statute 147-64.6(c)(18).

Our audit identified one significant weakness in disaster recovery.

….the disaster recovery plan is incomplete and has not been tested. The plan does not include the following critical components:

            • Statement of the assumptions, such as the maximum time without computing, underlying the plan.

            • Identification of critical applications in each user department and the priority in which these applications will be restored if resources are limited.

            • Identification of key personnel and their assignments during the restoration of processing.

            • Alternate user department procedures to manage their workloads until processing resumes.

            • An inventory of equipment, special stock and arrangements to acquire replacement equipment.

            • A procedure to update the plan when there are major changes to the environment or at least annually.


In the event of a disaster, the aforementioned components are necessary to ensure the proper recovery of the computer resources. Also, a disaster recovery plan should be tested to ensure that the plan is effective.

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In accordance with General Statutes 147-64.5 and 147-64.6(c)(14), copies of this report have been distributed to the public officials listed below. Additional copies are provided to other legislators, state officials, the press, and the general public upon request.


The Honorable Michael F. Easley

The Honorable Beverly M. Perdue

The Honorable Richard H. Moore

The Honorable Roy A. Cooper, III

Mr. David T. McCoy

Mr. Robert L. Powell

Mr. Martin Lancaster


Dr. James A. Richardson

Governor of North Carolina

Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina State Treasurer

Attorney General

State Budget Officer

State Controller

President The North Carolina Community College System

President, Western Piedmont Community College