Problems at Freedom High School!


First time late for class and he’s forced into accepting an OSS - Out of School Suspension.  You might try and say this was his choice, over what, the Saturday detention, which happens to be a scheduled day of work for this man.  This man, who is over 18, did not deserve a detention for being late on a first occasion.  But, it seems like some power hungry female individual in the office who thinks their bloated sense of authority spans beyond that of common sense and refused to listen to a reasonable explanation.  This lady blew it royally and she needs to be disciplined.  Because of this one air-head my son almost quit school out of pure frustration, caused directly by this bimbo.  Am I using enough derogatory words to describe this freak working at the high school?  I hope so, I am attempting to show her what frustration is, should I mention her name, soon I will.  In addition, the disciplinarian who signed his name above is nothing but an oversized enforcer who doesn’t care about the students but only cares about trying to belittle someone.  If the administration thinks my son was rude for standing up for his rights, just wait, I will demonstrate the true definition of rude when I personally meet these individuals.

        I went by the Education department on Parker Road looking to speak with someone of authority, there were NONE there, the human relations individual attempted to appease me by taking my name and stating they will advise Mr. Burleson or his assistant.  I informed him that I will wait until noon and after that I will take further action.  Sad when you cannot get a hold of the superintendent or his second on a normal school day.

        Is this the end, oh no, it is only the beginning, I do have the resources to push this matter to the front light and I will make myself, and my son’s position, known to the community, one way or another. 




4/5/2007 12:09 PM


413-1268, called just a few minutes past the deadline to say that someone is now looking into the matter and should get back to me soon.  We shall keep anyone who cares informed.  Still no contact from the Superintendent.





4/6/2007 6:41 PM


I received an e-mail from the Superintendent, sent late Friday evening; I will schedule an appointment as soon as possible to allow the man to find out what happened.  I have absolutely no interest in talking with the lady who started the problem first nor the disciplinarian who signed the paper, I do want to speak to their superiors to find out what action will be taken so I may pass this on to the public.  There will be no half truths or cover-ups allowed on this issue.  I personally have seen no demonstration of respect for the students concerning the East Burke Coach who illegally searched students’ lockers and was caught by video camera.  The threat of punishing the student for taking the video was uncalled for and wrong, the student caught the thief in action.  Why should the student pay the price for doing what they thought was the right thing?  What would have happened if he caught a student doing the same thing?




4/9/2007 1:50 PM


Sometimes it is good to put a bit of time between volatile situations, the cooling period.  I have received an e-mail from the Superintendent to set up a time.  I will reserve comments until after our meeting to be fair to all.  Mistakes have been made, but have they all been corrected?  We shall see and update when appropriate.