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Incident occurred on Friday the 13th, in January 2006

While at work at a local restaurant franchise as a steak cook, Tom was in the process of pumping up the pressure on a tank provide for cleaning the grills.In the tank was a industrial cleaner, alkaline based, called green or greased lightning.While pumping, the hose connected to the tank broke off and the product sprayed forcibly up and struck Tom directly in his left eye and on the left side of his face and head, causing serious chemical burns.


The following are photos taken along the way:


January 13th, 2006

Taken at Grace Hospital, Morganton, NC


January 14th, 2006

Taken after several hours at Baptist Hospital at Winston-Salem NC


January 17th, 2006


January 19th, 2006


January 20th, 2006


January 21st, 2006


January 23rd, 2006


March 20th, 2006


March 21st, 2006


March 24th, 2006


March 25th, 2006


April 4th, 2006


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May 1st, 2006 Left Camera


May 1st, 2006 Right Camera


May 1st, 2006 Stereo Camera


May 10th and 11th, 2006

May 8th Miami arrival;Surgeries on 10th & home on the 12th.

Symblepharon lysis repair; Fornix Reconstruction; Oval Mucosa Graft; Tenonplasty; Amniotic Membrane Transplant


May 16th, 2006


May 16th, 2006 Lite Photos, lower resolution, if this works for you let me know and I will make a lite for the other dates.








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