Top 10 Reasons we DO NOT want Jim A. Richardson as Mayor of Morganton




10.He will end the Historic Morganton Festivals we have had for 20+ years.Think the people who sacrifice their time and efforts will want to work with JIMBO?His group may have the financial resources to pull things off but they don�t have the manpower.




9.��� He will end the TGIF in the downtown area.Same people who work hard on the festival work here too, many of them on their own time.Think they want to slave under JIMBO?




8.��� Will kill funding for COMMA � what he considers waste in the city funds, he has to find money for his promised tax cuts for the more wealthy of course.




7.��� Will eliminate much of the city personnel who do not support him directly, ask the folks at WPCC on how people disappeared over there when they don�t agree with Richardson and his group.




6.��� Will change our form of government and make it party politics like many other cities.He will eliminate what makes our City of Morganton unique and we will never be able to return to our current form of government once he is done with it.




5.��� Richardson has a history of not showing up for work, delegates every responsibility to subordinates to blame them when it goes bad.Jim Richardson does not take responsibility for his failures, quickly covering up his mistakes.




4.��� Has no knowledge of the infrastructure of Morganton.This guy is not a people person, he will not deal with the public in the same way we have grown accustomed to over the past 20+ years, and he will push us off on others who do not care about us.




3.��� Has never held office in the past nor has he ever worked for the city.He has drained our tax dollars for over twenty years as one of the HIGHEST PAID STATE EMPLOYEE in NC for many years, his friends made sure of that, and we had to pay the price of this, ask county commissioners of that time and they can confirm this statement, it is a fact.




2.��� He is a known liar.Guess he considers that as mule-trading?Would you trust him with your safety and tax dollars?




1.  He is just an arrogant asshole.Spends most of his time around asses.Just drive down Bost Road some afternoon and you will probably see him there with a jackass.He is also a racist in my book, making jokes about the current mayor being Jewish, says what was done was �not kosher� in a derogatory way.JIMBO better watch what he is saying when he runs for political office, it can come back and bite �em.







0.��� Jim A. Richardson started this; he is not an honorable man.He is responsible for my removal from WPCC.He sold Dave Tubergen down the river, and now he can�t find a bridge to cross to stop the flow of truth that keeps biting JIMBO in the ass, can�t muzzle what you can�t control or buy.You have no idea what kind of resources I have at my beck and call.I have much more planned from now until the election.Wow, I really love this freedom of speech.Wait until I post a sign about JIMBO in a commercial building downtown.While I am at it, maybe two different businesses can use anti-Richardson signs in the windows.I still have not received a reply to my e-mail I sent your campaign, the one where I wished you nothing but BAD LUCK.Not much compromise in a situation like this one, is there?You will pay the piper one day.